5 of the Best Workout Apps for Fitness Freaks

Workout apps have become every discerning fitness freak’s best friend – possibly even better friends than the real-life friends who are there to motivate them and support the barbell as they do bench presses at the gym.

These fitness-focused apps range in functionality from customizeable HIIT timers to apps featuring on-demand videos from the modern-day equivalents to 90s health gurus Cindy Crawford and Mr. Motivator. (Remember them?) Whether you’re trimming down or bulking up, your smartphone will see to your workout needs. Here are five of our favorite workout apps to get you on the road to getting ripped.

1. A HIIT Interval Timer (Android)


A personal favorite of mine, A HIIT interval timer, gives you full control over creating timed workouts – whether it’s a fifteen-minute morning core workout or four three-minute rounds of boxing, each punctuated by a proper bell and everything.

This isn’t a glamorous app. It has a basic interface that can at first be a little confusing because it gives you so much manual control. You won’t find any recommended workouts here, so it’s perfect if you want to give your existing routines some structure. Get used to it, though, and it becomes a fitness friend for life.

2. Nike+Training Club (Android, iOS)


This free, no-strings-attached app from the world’s foremost maker of all things sporty is, as you’d expect, one of the most polished and detailed mobile fitness platforms around. It’s all about the body-weight workouts with this one – ranging from yoga to conditioning to raw power.

Enter your details and what you want to achieve into the app, and based on that you’ll get drills and workouts tailored to you. And it features the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams showing you their favorite workouts. It’s the perks of the world’s most powerful sports brand.

Android, iOS

3. Qinetic (iOS)


Do you have an Apple Watch that’s not quite turned out to be the vital appendage to your life you were hoping for? Give it a new lease of life with Qinetic, a vast platform for on-demand workout videos ranging from Yoga to interval training, by way of gentle exercises for pregnant mummies-in-waiting.

It syncs up with your Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and tracks your activity during each workout, giving you a nice summary at the end.

4. Freeletics Bodyweight and Gym (Android, iOS)


If you’re looking for apps that will slot nicely into your current workout routines, then this pair from Freeletics is worth a look. Bodyweight focuses on exercises that don’t require any equipment – push-ups, planks, the works, complete with tutorial videos and nearly 1000 workout variations. Gym, meanwhile, is like that gym buddy I talked about earlier, setting out a regimen for your gym workouts so that you don’t just stop pumping when you get a little tired.

If you’re willing to pay, then there is also a “Coach” version of these apps which tailors your workouts to your personal fitness level, giving you training plans, goals, tests and feedback on your progress.

Android, iOS

5. Daily Yoga (Android, iOS)


Yoga – everyone and their downward dog’s at it, so it’s only fitting that you get your phone involved too. Of all the yoga apps out there (and there’s a ton of them), Daily Yoga is the multi-platform one that everyone’s raving about. Every day there are new Yoga videos uploaded here (in lovely HD), and you can choose all kinds of intensities and lengths for your exercise – from five minutes to seventy. With hundreds of individual exercises, the workout combinations are virtually endless.

And more avid Yogis will be happy to hear that this app knows its Vinyasa from its Ashtanga, making it an app for people of all levels.

Android, iOS


There it is. A bespoke selection of apps that should hopefully cover people looking to achieve all manner of bodily self-improvement. Technically, you could just do all this stuff yourself, of course, but you’d be amazed at how much structure an app like one of these can give your workouts. We swear by them, and you should too.

Robert Zak Robert Zak

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