5 of the Best Windows 10 Photo Viewer Alternatives

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives

Surprisingly, the Windows 10 Photos app isn’t bad, though it is excruciating slow at times. It’s not the most robust app for managing your photos, but it does handle basic albums and editing. But it’s not the only option available – both free and premium Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives help change the built-in experience while offering different features.

1. FastStone Image Viewer

If you like a more classic Windows Explorer interface, you’ll love FastStone Image Viewer. It’s one of my personal favorite Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives. Plus, it’s completely free.

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives Faststone

I love that you can view folders and sets of images while still displaying a selected image in another frame. There’s support for most image file types, too. Plus, you get a variety of editing features, such as cropping, adjusting the lighting, drawing, etc.

There’s support to pull in images from your scanner, if you have one. You can also compare up to four images at once and take screen captures, too. For free, it’s hard to beat and actually offers more than Photos and similar premium options.

2. Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Need support for a specialty image format in addition to the usual formats? Apowersoft Photo Viewer may be a better Photos alternative for you. In addition to the usual JPG, PNG, and BMP, you also get support for CorelDraw, PhotoShop, and camera-specific formats. It also supports PDF files.

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives Apowersoft

Easily rename, change file formats, and make basic edits in batch format. Share your photos within the app and even store them for free in the cloud.

The only thing I don’t like is that there isn’t a folder view option. However, you’ll see thumbnails of other images within the same folder, and having your image load nearly instantly makes up for that. Even better, it’s free to use.

3. ImageGlass

ImageGlass offers a modern, customizable interface for viewing your images. It’s one of the better looking Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives. The free open-source viewer lets you switch between images quickly – definitely much faster than Photos.

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives Imageglass

The latest version supports over 70 image formats. This is one of the better options for wider format support.

Folder view isn’t supported, but you’ll see all the thumbnails of other images in the same folder. The thumbnails work better in ImageGlass than Apowersoft, actually. The slideshow feature is ideal if you want to use this for showing off sets of photos to friends and family.

4. XnView

XnView is one of the more robust Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives. With support for over 500 file formats, there’s very little you won’t be able to view with this app. Some aren’t built-in by default, but free add-ons are available for viewing the formats you need.

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives Xnview

It supports folder view and tabbed images, which is a favorite feature of mine. You can customize your view with thumbnails, filmstrip view, compared images, and more. There is also a wide variety of editing tools for adjusting brightness, color, size, format, and more. You’ll also find plenty of filters.

It’s completely free to use for personal use. Businesses have to purchase a license based on the number of users.

5. Honeyview

Honeyview is one of the simpler Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives. This is actually one of its best features. Images load quickly, and most popular formats are supported. Easily set up slideshows using any of the preset slideshow time options.

Windows 10 Photos Alternatives Honeyview

In terms of editing, it’s not the most feature-rich app, but it does handle the basics well. Crop, rotate, resize, and change the image file type. You’re also able to view compressed and archived image formats without extracting anything.

There isn’t a built-in folder view, but there is a thumbnail navigation pop-out window to view additional files in the same folder you’re currently working in. Of course, it’s completely free, so that’s always a bonus.

If you need something faster and easier to use than Photos, give any of these Windows 10 photo viewer alternatives a try. They’re free and work great for viewing and editing your images.

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  1. Thanks Crystal, do not forget Irfanview Graphic Viewer. Version 4.57 32 bit and 64 bit available.

    1. In my opinion, IrfanView is the BEST as simple, quick, many formats, and quite powerful as well… while totally free.

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