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If you are looking to spruce up the default File Explorer on your Windows 10 computer, then you are at the right place. While Windows File Explorer is a capable file manager, there are several third-party Windows File Explorer alternatives which provide a few nifty features as add-ons. Let us look at some of the best Windows File Explorer alternatives that you need to check out.

1. Files

The first one on our list is the Files app. It is an open-source Windows file explorer alternative available for free on the Microsoft Store. It packs all the features you get with the default Windows Explorer. The Files file explorer app has an impressive user interface and matches your system theme, i.e. dark/light modes. You can also manually switch between themes.

Windows File Manager Alternatives Files App

You can access all of your partitions as well as cloud storage such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Recent items also show up on the home screen of the Files app. It is fast, and there are multiple settings to tweak to customize it to your needs.


  • Dark theme support
  • Clean user interface
  • Multi-tab support


  • Nothing significant

2. File Browser

File Browser is another file explorer app for Windows 10 that has a clean user interface. The File Browser app supports a dark/light theme, and there are several other nice color options to choose from. The File Browser app also comes with multi-tab support, though you need to buy the “Pro version” to have access to the feature.

File Browser Windows File Explorer Alternatives

On the home screen, you can access the Library folder. In order to access any of your drives, you are required to open them manually via the “Go to” option. This could be a minor downside to this app. Just like the Files app, it also lets you access popular cloud storage.


  • Minimal user interface
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Multi-tab support


  • Need to buy the Pro version for some features
  • Drive needs to be opened manually

3. Fileside

If you are a content creator or someone who likes to keep your files organized, then Fileside is for you. In the default Windows Explorer, you have to open multiple new Explorer tabs if you want to move something from one place to another. But with Fileside, you can open multiple windows side by side, and every window can open four different folders.

Fileside Windows Explorer

The user interface is smooth, and it handles multiple tabs efficiently with no lag. You can interact with any of the tabs, meaning you can perform copy-paste files to a different folder while browsing other drives. Options like delete, create a new folder, create a new file, etc., are also conveniently placed on the side of every tab.


  • Good for users who work on multiple files spread over multiple folders
  • Dark theme
  • No log
  • Custom layout
  • Multi-window-pane support


  • Need to purchase the Pro version after 30-day trial

4. RX Explorer

If you want customization options such as animations, transitions, and backgrounds for your file explorer app, RX Explorer is the best for the job. Under the Settings menu, you can switch the Mode between Recommended, Solid Color, and Custom. Recommended applies a blurry wallpaper to the background, while Solid Color gives you the option to choose between the system default, white, and black.

Rx Explorer

Get creative by choosing Custom. Using this option, you can select the Acrylic theme color, set transparency, and select a Bing picture or custom image background. You can also change the font color. The home screen is clean and gives you that Windows Explorer vibe. Unlocking the software gives you access to the Security area and more.


  • Plenty of customization options
  • Multi-tab support
  • Multiple color schemes


  • None so far

5. Modern File Explorer

Last but not the least is Modern File Explorer. Right from the start, it treats you with a dark theme. Although you cannot access drives from the home screen, you can add them manually. The interface is clean and minimal.

Modern File Explorer

It opens all your images inside the explorer window. Moreover, Modern File Explorer has a built-in PDF viewer, Dropbox support, and much more. There are multiple color schemes to choose from. You can change the background, set transparency, etc. You need to purchase the full version of the app to keep it functioning after seven days.


  • Multiple color schemes
  • Built-in PDF viewer
  • Clean user interface


  • Free version is valid for seven days

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best Windows File Explorer alternatives you should check out. Note that different file explorers have different features, so select and install the one that best suits your needs. Either way, these file managers are meant to help you be more productive.

If none of these File explorer alternatives are to your liking, you can make use of these tips to improve your current File Explorer.

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