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WhatsApp stickers are a great way of zazzing up your chats, adding plenty of color, quips and cartoon faces to your conversations. WhatsApp doesn’t have an incredible selection of emojis by default, but go a couple of taps further, and you can find a whole world of sticker packs that you can download to add hundreds of emojis and images to your WhatsApp sticker collection.

You can also go further afield in search of sticker packs, but there are many bad ones out there, with some even trying to rope you into subscriptions (don’t do it!), so here we’ve rounded up the best WhatsApp sticker packs for you to safely use.

How to Get WhatsApp Sticker Packs

There are a few ways you can get sticker packs for WhatsApp. One is to download a third-party sticker pack app from the Play Store, where you can browse through just about any kind of sticker pack you can imagine.

The other method is to get sticker packs from within WhatsApp itself. To do this, open a WhatsApp message, tap the emoji icon at the bottom-left corner, then tap the “+” icon at the top-right corner of the grey pop-out box.

Best Whatsapp Sticker Packs Icon

Here you can browse sticker packs that have been approved by WhatsApp and download them to your collection by tapping the green download icon.

1. Egg and Chup

Freshly added to the WhatsApp sticker repository at the time of writing, the Egg and Chup sticker pack is beautifully drawn, depicting a strange frowny-faced ballerina egg and what appears to be his tomato friend.

Best Whatsapp Sticker Packs Egg And Chup

The animations are super-cute, and you’ll be sending this sticker pack out to friends even if the actual stickers don’t directly depict any particular emotions (though they’re pretty charming for romantic couples).

2. Betakkuma 2

Another freshly-added sticker pack with a Japanese inspired hand-drawn style, Betakkuma is perfect for bear lovers. The popularity of the original Betakkuma sticker pack has prompted the artist to create a sequel, and you’ll find all kinds of silliness here like animated curtsies, claps and flossing.

Best Whatsapp Sticker Packs Betakkuma 2

It’s super-weird, but this bear has some serious moves and is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to get sent one of these stickers.

3. Wemoji

Not technically a sticker pack in itself (don’t worry, there are plenty in this list), but probably the very best tool when it comes to making your own bespoke WhatsApp stickers. One of the best features in Wemoji is the freehand cropping feature, which lets you accurately cut out outlines of faces, people, whatever you would like to use in your sticker.

Best Whatsapp Sticker Packs Wemoji

There’s a whole bunch of other editing features here too, including plenty of fonts to use in text for your emoji and a convenient organizer for your custom emojis, which lets you create different categories to organize them into.

You don’t need to use photos either, so if there’s a particular sticker, such as a character from a TV show, that you want to use, just take a screenshot, crop it using the app, and add it to your collection.

4. Sticker.ly

One of the best-rated sticker packs around, Sticker.ly contains a huge variety of WhatsApp stickers uploaded by thousands of users. It’s even easy to create and upload your own sticker packs using the integrated “Auto Cut” feature, which detects outlines in your photos and trims them for you (with sometimes unintentionally funny results, such as a pack of strangely angular cat faces we came across).

Best Whatsapp Sticker Packs Sticker Ly

There are funny stickers, romantic stickers, inspirational quotes for your WhatsApp Status page, memes, “Lovely Donald Trump” stickers, and much more. The amount of choice is spectacular!

5. 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp

A sticker pack that the kids are going to love is 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp. It has character choices, such as bunny, bird, crocodile, cat, friendly shark, dog, penguin, polar bear, and unicorn.


One funny thing about this particular sticker pack is that since it’s from Telegram, there’s one sticker that tells you to use Telegram. You can either add the sticker pack by tapping on the plus sign you see before you enter the sticker pack or by tapping the green “Add to WhatsApp” button.

6. Sticker Maker

The best WhatsApp sticker packs you create are your own. You may have a picture of yourself with an expression you want to share in a conversation. With Sticker Maker, you can use any picture as a sticker on WhatsApp.


You can create stickers with a square or oval shape with an image from your device’s gallery. You will need to produce at least three stickers and a sticker icon to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp. You can add as many as 30 stickers per pack, and if you ever want to remove a sticker from a pack, just tap on the red minus dots.

7. New Stickers for Chatting

New Stickers for Chatting has various great options. You can choose from sticker packs such as Christmas, Animals, TV Shows, Memes, Video Games, Emojis, Celebrities, Soccer, and Phrases.


It also has an option to create your own WhatsApp stickers, but it will give them a square shape by default. To add a sticker pack, tap on the green “See more” button followed by the download button to the right of each pack.

If these sticker packs make you slap your head in despair and want out, then see our list of the best WhatsApp alternatives. If you’re having trouble with WhatsApp not working, then head over to our list of fixes.


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