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The popularity of anime outside Japan is quite significant today with numerous websites serving the needs of a global audience. Especially, there is demand for simulcast releases in both sub and dub formats.

Check out this handy list of anime websites or streaming services to catch up with your favorite series.

1. GoGoAnime (Free)

A lot of free anime websites dish up more advertisements and pop-ups than you might like. There are very few good names to mention. Fortunately, GoGoAnime does not disappoint, thanks to its fast load times and minimal disruptions. However, those with phones and tablets still might not enjoy the experience. Use a laptop for sure.


GoGoAnime contains an A-Z list of popular anime in multiple themes including Isekai and Cyberpunk. You can also watch a few new releases, although not all episodes can be guaranteed. However, it’s absolutely free!


The main reason this website wins our attention is because of its faster playback speeds, legal episodes and no distractions. Plus, if you just like to read and react to others’ comments, GoGoAnime fits the bill.

2. Anime-Planet (Free)

Another free website with minimal distractions, Anime-Planet has over 45,000 legal anime episodes for your viewing pleasure. There is also a huge collection of manga if you simply like to read instead of watching videos.


You can browse the anime and manga based on top season charts, ratings, genres, studios and more. Signing up with the website lets you track what you’ve seen or read and build up a collection to boast about later. There is enough content for audiences of all age groups.


If you are new to Anime, this website is a good place to start your journey.

3. Crunchyroll (Free/Paid)

For those with an appetite for unlimited anime and manga collections, Crunchyroll offers the best deal. The entire content is legal, and you can mostly find a complete list of episodes. Unlike the above two options, you will find a few simulcasts which are updated frequently.


While there is quite a bit of free content, most anime videos only offer previews. You will have to enroll with a Premium subscription at $6.95/month to watch the full episodes. However, the completely ad-free experience and fast load speeds are a good bargain.

Crunchy Roll Premium

4. Funimation (Paid)

Funimation is one of the best premium anime streaming services for the North American audience. Having been acquired by Sony, the website offers a glamorous interface and shows fine-tuned for Western anime viewers.

Funimation homepage

Plenty of shows are simulcast and dubbed on the website. They boast of a completely free service. However, there is one major drawback: Funimation is currently not available outside US, Canada, Australia and a few other countires. This might change very soon, but you can easily bypass these restrictions with a good VPN.

Funimation Pricing

5. HiDive (Paid)

If you are dissuaded by the geographical limitations of Funimation, HiDive offers a good alternative. Costing only $4.99 per month, it streams simulcasts, dubs, movies and entire series with no missed episodes.


The collections are the latest, and the quality of videos will leave you amazed. HiDive is almost a perfect find containing everything you ever wanted.


Other Important Websites

NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have a fairly large collection of anime and do not disappoint in terms of quality and the latest episodes. The reason for not including them in this list is because these streaming services are not focused only on anime.

Even YouTube has several channels which show entire anime episodes, but you have to look really hard for them.


Be it fascinating plots, creative characters or heartfelt emotions, there is so much variety in anime content. The list of websites included here is not exhaustive but contains the best collection to help you develop this new hobby.

Which anime websites do you check?

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