The Best Weather Widgets for Your Website

There are plenty of weather widgets that you can embed on your website. Here are the best of them all.

Best Weather Widgets For Website Featured

If you are looking for a way to include the weather on your website, you may immediately think about looking for one from the Weather Channel. But unfortunately, the Weather Channel does not currently have its own weather widget. They may be releasing one at some time this year, but what do you do in the meantime?

Luckily, the lack of a widget from the most popular weather outlet gives us a chance to see what else is out there. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives.

1. Weather Atlas

If your site uses WordPress, then you can’t go too wrong with the Weather Atlas widget, which gives you a simple, boldly colored widget that you can resize and fill with all the essential weather information – from temperature, humidity, wind and pressure to, well, the weather.

Best Weather Widgets For Website Weather Atlas

Weather Atlas automatically adapts for mobile and desktop pages, and you can present the data in all the essential units of measurement. The design style is bold and simple, seemingly taking a page from Android’s Material design book.

You can format the widget vertically or as a square in the sidebar, or have it horizontal in the main body of a given page. It’s flexible and relatively simple for those who want the weather displayed in a clear, concise way.

2. Elfsight

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern (as well as something that’s not restricted to WordPress), then the Elfsight Weather Widget could be for you. Again, there’s a mobile-style ‘card’ aesthetic going on here, though you have a lot of options as you get to custom-create the Weather widget on their website before embedding it on your site.

Best Weather Widgets For Website Elfsight

You can do all the customization without coding, and monitor the widget’s metrics to see whether it’s catching viewers’ eyes like you want it to be. Also note that Elfsight lets you create widgets for all kinds of things – from Social Share buttons to reviews, maps, PDF embeds and more – so the Weather widget could be just the start of your journey here!

3. lets you customize it right on the site and “Get the code.” You can change the location, the number of days shown on the forecast, the size of the widget, style of icons, and the font. There are three different options for forecast length; one day, three days, and seven days. It also has three styles of icons.

Weather Widgets

You can select different colors than the default by choosing a theme or customizing the colors to match your website.

Once you have designed the widget to appear the way you want it to on your site, click “Get code,” and paste the code onto your website.

This widget is free and does not have any ads.

4. Meteored

Meteored is a nice widget with a more graphical user interface than It has more choices for the icon styles, and it shows exactly what they look like before you click on them. You don’t have to keep clicking back on a drop-down menu.

Weather Widgets Meteored

For the forecast lengths, choose anywhere from one-day to seven-day forecasts.

One drawback is that you cannot change the size of the widget. You also cannot search for a town, and the drop-down lists are not always in alphabetical order, making finding your city a bit more difficult.

5. Show My Weather

The Show My Weather site is a quick option for creating weather widgets if you don’t want to do much customizing. Type in the zip code of the town you want to display, and the page will present a sample of what the widget will look like. You can change the colors, but only if you know the hex codes. You also have options to change the size, padding, and other display options, but only if you are familiar with making these modifications ahead of time.

Weather Widgets Show My Weather

You cannot change icon style, though you can remove them if you want. There are also no options for length of forecast. It will always be three days.

Once you have made your decision, you need to copy the displayed HTML code onto your site.

6. offers a large selection of different weather widgets with some customization available. They group their widgets into big, lite, and small formats that will.

Weather Widgets Booked

When you find one that suits your purposes, click Customize. On the next page, you can change the appearance. When you finish, click Get HTML code, and paste it into your site.

Your final decision on which widget to install on your site will depend on how much you want to customize it as well as the final look you are hoping for. For more fun with weather apps and widgetry, check out the best live weather wallpapers for Android.

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