Best Ways to Rewatch CES 2020 Keynotes

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This year’s CES showed off the newest devices and biggest tech developments that we’re likely to see roll out over the next year – like Wi-Fi 6, one of the most powerful DSLR cameras yet and a pizza-making robot, among others.

Luckily, even if you missed your chance to catch the conference live – or if you want to rewatch the keynotes now that the event is over – the CES 2020 keynotes are available online. Here’s how you can still watch.

Where to Rewatch the CES 2020 Keynotes

A number of different outlets have hosted or uploaded recordings of keynotes.

The easiest way to rewatch the keynotes will probably be something like CNET’s 12-hour YouTube archive of the entire event. Full streams, like this one, will include some filler and coverage of the conference floor, however.

If you just want to watch one or two specific keynotes, you can use CNET’s full list of the keynotes to navigate – the list includes the timestamps for each keynote, along with brief recaps of the biggest moments of each keynote.

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If you want to watch just one of the CES keynotes, you can watch CES’s official recordings on their website – or, you can watch one of the many YouTube mirrors of each of the keynote live streams.

Only need highlights? A few different outlets, like The Verge and Engadget, have uploaded condensed versions of the keynotes. These videos will show you the biggest announcements but also cut out a lot of the explanations and in-depth discussions these keynotes provide. As a result, you’ll have to look to written recaps or the full-length video archives for a full understanding of what was shown off.

Have just a little time and only want the best of CES? Or don’t know where to begin? You can start with top tech speakers or check out a publication’s recap of the event, which can give you a sense of the biggest moments of CES and point you in the direction of good keynotes to watch.

One of the best to start with would be Samsung’s keynote, which included the company’s plan for the future of the Internet of Things and their first bezel-free 8K television.

Other interesting keynotes include the Impossible Foods keynote, which showed off its newest meat-free food product, Impossible Pork, and the LG conference, which showed off a huge range of new products – including a roll-up OLED TV that the company says will retail at around $60,000.

Other worthwhile highlights include Sony, which debuted their first-ever electric car towards the end of their keynote, as well as Toyota, which showed off the “Toyota Woven City,” a 175-acre site the company will use to test vehicles and urban transportation.

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Rewatching the 2020 CES Keynotes

CES is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back and rewatch some of the biggest moments.

Every second of the conference’s live stream is available on the Internet in one way or another. Whether you prefer to scan through a full archive of the event or are looking for individual videos, the Internet has you covered.

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