13 of the Best Typing Games and Apps for Everyone

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Good typing speed and accuracy are important skills to have nowadays. Whether you are learning to type or want to improve your skills, you can do it with typing apps. This article lists some of the best free typing games and apps for both kids and adults. You can use them for fun as well as education.

1. Epistory – Typing Chronicles (PC)

Why settle for drab graphics and dreary interfaces when you can play a beautiful videogame with a compelling narrative while honing your typing skills? Epistory is one of the best uses we’ve seen of integrating typing into a game.

Best Typing Games Epistory Typing Chronicles

You’re riding a fox through a magical land that’s being corrupted by various giant insects and grubs. Explore the world, fight off waves of enemies, and navigate the world entirely through typing.

Thanks to the narrative and incredible presentation of the world, the process of typing becomes full immersive and part of your experience, making you forget that you’re actually typing even though you’re very much doing so.

2. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill (PC)

Where Epistory is mystical and wonderful, The Typing of the Dead is for fans of gross-out horror and B-movies, as well as those who emptied their pockets in 2000s arcades on The House of the Dead lightgun cabinets.

Best Typing Games Typing Of The Dead

Yes, The Typing of the Dead is a continuation of SEGA’s famous zombie saga, replacing the lightgun with your keyboard. Type absurd words like “Sexual Tyrannosaur” and “May I eat you” to shoot oncoming zombies, ghouls and other nasties as they bear down on you.

An incredibly fun and intense way to work on that WPM of yours. You can even link up with one of your friends online and play through the whole thing co-op!

3. Tipp 10 (PC / Web)

Tipp 10 is a free typing software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It includes more than 20 training lessons with many customization options, such as turning on/off colored keys, hiding a virtual keyboard, time limit, and more. Select the lesson and click on the “Start training” button to begin.

Typing Apps Pc Tipp 10

Each lesson tries to teach you something new. For instance, you have lessons where you learn to type numbers and, similarly, other dedicated lessons for special characters, conversations, and more. Essentially, you will learn to type everything using this app.

Once the lesson begins, it shows the keys you need to press and also the fingers you should use. Overall, the entire process is quite helpful, especially for beginners.

Typing Apps Pc Tip 10 Start

Interestingly, you can pause the lesson midway to help record the correct time. The app also shows your progress over time, which will help you understand how far you have come. If you like the software version, you can try the web app, too.

Typing Apps Pc Tip 10 Result

The only drawback of the app is that you may get intimidated by the number of settings and customization options. Just don’t touch them, and you are good to go.

4. Rapid Typing (PC)

Rapid Typing is another free app that lets you learn and improve typing speed on a PC. The app starts with basic lessons, and with time, it progresses to advanced lessons where you have to type paragraphs instead of just simple letters.

Typing Apps Pc Rapid Lessons

What makes this app interesting is that it tells you which fingers to use for each letter. You will see the instructions as well as the highlighted finger on the screen.

Typing Apps Pc Rapid Typing

You can customize almost everything about the app, be it the keyboard color, font, background color, or how the lesson works. You can even change the metrics from WPM to character or keystroke per minute.

The app even lets you add more people or create groups, and you can view the detailed statistics for each one of them separately.

Typing Apps Pc Rapid Lessons Customizations

If you like this app, try other typing apps and online games from this developer.

5. The Typing Game (Android)

The Typing Game is a simple, user-friendly app to learn typing. The app starts with a basic screen where you need to select between the two modes: single word and single-letter mode.

Typing Apps Android Typing Game Main Screen

In the first mode, you need to type the full word, whereas in the second, you only get letters. The more words or letters you type in 60 seconds, the higher your score will be. Getting a score above 25 in one minute is considered a good score in this game. If you are looking for the typical game that would show results in WPM, this one isn’t for you.

Typing Apps Android Typing Game Word

6. Typing Attack (Android)

The Typing Attack game helps you learn new words while also improving your typing speed. The game’s idea is that you have to destroy enemy aircraft by typing words that show up on the screen. The game is ideal for practicing while having fun and attempting to beat your own score.

Typing Apps Android Space

Tap the “Start Attack” button to begin the game followed by typing the words before they reach you. You can pause the game to take a break. Similar to the above app, it doesn’t show your score in WPM. However, it does show accuracy. Apart from that, you can change the levels of background music and sounds in the game.

Typing Apps Android Attack Words

The app does display an ad at the bottom and is also notorious for showing full screen ads. If you don’t like this game, try playing Ztype Space typing, which shares a similar format.

7. Typing Speed Test (Android)

Typing Speed Test lets you do everything related to typing. Whether you want to measure typing speed or practice typing words or sentences, this app has it all. You can see all the features right on the app’s home screen.

Tap on a button from “Character practice,” “Word practice,” “Sentence practice,” or “Number practice” to begin. After you start a practice session, you will see the live results at the top (i.e., correct, wrong, accuracy, and speed).

Typing Apps Android Speed

Interestingly, the app even offers a freehand test session where you can type anything to measure your typing speed. Take a nearby book and start typing a random paragraph. Or, just press the “Give a test” button to type prepared paragraphs. You can view the test history and scores of people around the world.

Typing Apps Android Speed Test

If you want to have fun while learning to type, the above two apps are a better choice, as this app lacks the gaming aspect.

8. Typing Rush Master (iOS)

The Typing Rush Master offers five levels starting with beginner. This is a typing game where you need to type the correct words to move ahead or take your car forward in the game.

Typing Apps Ios Rush Car

The app keeps your interest for a long time and makes sure you type the right words, as one wrong word will take you a step back. If your car reaches the left edge, you lose the game.

At the end of the game, you will see the typing speed in characters/seconds and accuracy level in addition to the game score. You can even view the leaderboard.

Typing Apps Ios Rush Score

Be prepared for the game’s graphics to be old fashioned. Seeing them on an iPhone could either make you nauseous or bring back memories.

9. Speed Typer – Typing Test (iOS)

Speed Typer – Typing Test offers three types of learning experiences. You can practice with the top words (300, 500, 1000), random sentences, or just the alphabet. Tap on the preferred option to start. This is a proper typing speed app where it will continuously show the typing speed in WPM at the top of the screen. You can disable this feature in the settings.

Typing Apps Ios Speed Typer

Once you finish a challenge, you are given a badge according to your performance and will be shown the results. The app lets you enable/disable the timer, change the test duration in settings, and has a dedicated “Statistics” tab. You can even select a different language, such as Dutch, French, Italian, etc., in addition to the American and British English.

10. Typing Ninja (Web)

Typing.com is one of the best web apps to play many typing games for free. One of the best games is Typing Ninja. Its basic concept is similar to the popular Fruit Ninja game. However, instead of slicing the fruit with a knife, you have to type the letters that show up on the screen to score.

Typing Apps Web Ninja Fruits

At the start of the game, you have to choose between the keyboard rows, then select the difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Each wrong letter will result in negative marks.

Typing Apps Web Ninja Keys

While this is an awesome game to practice typing, the huge advertisements on the website can be heartbreaking.

11. Typing Attack (Web)

In Typing Attack, your mission is to survive the approaching ships by typing the words mentioned on the ships. This would destroy them before they reach you.

The game offers three modes: Easy, Normal, and Expert. Choose the preferred mode to begin the game. The game has an advantage in that it teaches you new words while you play the game and practice typing.

Typing Apps Web Attack

Whether you are looking for a WPM score or the games, you will get both at the end, as well as your accuracy level. However, similar to the above game, the ads on the website can get distracting.

Typing Apps Web Game

If you like games of this format, check out Typinggames.zone or ZType, which are similar shooting games.

12. Typing Racer (Web)

If you enjoy racing games, you will love to play Typing Racer. In this game, you need to reach the target distance within the time limit by typing the words on the screen. You will face hurdles on the road that can also be avoided by typing the word present in the free lane. Basically, you can control the car by writing the words. Press Spacebar to jump if you can’t type the word quickly.

Typing Apps Web Racer

Some similar racing games that will help you learn to type are: Nitro Type, Car Rider, Typeracer, Typerush.

13. Keyboard Challenge (Web)

Unlike other games, Keyboard Challenge literally puts your memory to the test. It removes all the keys from the virtual keyboard and asks you to move them back to their original position. This helps you remember the position of the keys. You can choose between “All keys” and “Numbers & letters only.”

Typing Apps Web Keyboard

This is a different type of game, and if you don’t like the concept, you should try Typing Rocket and Ghost Typing from the same website.

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