5 of the Best Touchscreen Gloves for the Cold Winter

If you’re a phone addict, you’ve probably known the struggle of wanting to use your phone while also keeping your hands warm during the winter months. Unfortunately, phone touchscreens can only detect the electrical signals in your fingers, which gloves are very good at blocking. If you want to use your phone while also keeping your digits toasty-warm, you can try touchscreen gloves instead.

Touchscreen gloves work by bridging between your fingers and the gloves. This can be done by having less material in the tips to let a charge through or having “pads” that carry it through the glove’s material. That way your body’s electrical charges can reach the screen and interact with your phone’s touchscreen without needing to get your hands cold. These are some of the best gloves out there to keep those mitts warm over the winter months.

1. Running Gloves by TrailHeads


Do you enjoy a good jog to escape the daily life but still want to keep your phone by your side? These gloves by TrailHeads make for the perfect companion for people who won’t let the cold get in the way of their exercise routine. The lightweight material makes them not ideal for deep winter chills, but if you want something that can stretch to fit your hand while also allowing you to use your phone, these gloves are for you.

2. Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining by Bruceriver


If you want something a little more heavy-duty and warm, definitely give these gloves a shot. The thick wool makes for a great traditional glove that stops the cold from reaching your digits. They even come in a fetching array of colors! While the gloves come without any additional features by default, there are options for touchscreen-compatible gloves in the color selector.

3. Women’s Touchscreen Leather Gloves by Warmen


For the ladies who want to add a little style to their daily life, these gloves by Warmen fit the job perfectly. With a choice of either a cashmere or fleece inner lining, these are on the higher end of luxury for smartphone touchscreen gloves. Users are reporting the cashmere variants have a better responsiveness to touchscreens, so be sure to grab those if you’re a smartphone addict.

4. Genuine Leather Gloves by Harrms


For the gentlemen out there, these gloves by Harrms have an advertised lower limit of -20C (0F). This means you can keep the deep winter cold away while also looking very stylish! The interior cashmere feels snug on the skin and keeps your hands very warm. Despite their luxury look, they’re very affordable, and the seller offers a 100% money back guarantee, should you find they don’t work out for you.

5. Waterproof Winter Gloves by WindRider


If you’re looking for the ultimate in hand protection, these gloves come with it all, with superior padding and a waterproof exterior. It does sacrifice a little bit of touchscreen functionality as a result; the manufacturer states that you can pick up calls using the gloves, but texting other people may be problematic. This makes for a great choice if you want to only perform simple tasks with your phone instead of playing Candy Crush while out in the cold!

All You Need Is Glove

With the coming of winter comes the additional layers, and gloves can be a real annoyance for a smartphone addict. Thankfully, with touchscreen-compatible gloves, you don’t need to sacrifice warmth to take photos or send a quick text.

Do you find yourself using your smartphone often in public? Will a smartphone-compatible glove help? Let us know below.

Simon Batt
Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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