What Are the Best Tips for Fighting Malware?

Malware by its very name means “malicious software,” and that’s exactly what it is. It’s added to your system through hackers, and it’s a means of stealing your information, gaining access to your credit card, and even gaining access to your devices.

This makes fighting malware very important. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the best way to fight it, so we asked our writers, “What are your best tips for fighting malware?

Our Best Tips

All of our writers agree that the best way to fight malware is to browse safely. This means not clicking suspicious links and not downloading files from less-than-reputable sources.


Mahesh suggests that if a file gets downloaded automatically, delete it right away without opening it. Along with making sure that you only download from trusted sources, he also suggests only downloading from app stores or the official websites of apps and tools. Robert suggests always doing your research before downloading to find the best/safest programs.

Simon and Christopher both suggest using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to clear your PC of malware. It’s free and useful for removing the malware that has accumulated or to get rid of a malware problem on an infected PC.

With malicious ads being a fairly common form of infection, Christopher recommends installing an adblocker to both close that vector of attack and also improve your usage experience. Just be sure to whitelist trusted websites, such as Make Tech Easier, so that they can still make their ad revenue. He also feels it’s a good idea to install a proper antivirus program.

Derrik suggests avoiding at least half of your risks by just using Linux.

What Do You Suggest?

These are some great tips from our writers. Are your already following these tips to protest yourself from malware or do you know of some tips that you feel should have been mentioned? Join the discussion in the comments section below!

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.


  1. I agree with Derrik. Use an inherently more secure system such as Linux or BSD. Until the hackers succeed in compromising Linux/BSD with the same frequency as Windows, I will use a *nix-based O/S.

    If you must use Windows, install and USE anti-malware apps.

    “Christopher recommends installing an adblocker”
    WHAT?! And contribute to the ‘destruction of the Internet’? LOL

  2. Derrik is right, I have been using Linux for over a year now and have yet to see even a trace of malware of any kind.

  3. I’ve been using Linux since 2003/’04 and I have never been more satisfied and content to just browse “safely” IU also have the ClamAV installed and since installing Linux on my “ex-Windows XP” laptop?…I’ve never found anything….and because I’m a paranoid geek? I run it every day in the morning and it tells me the SAME thing every time. “No infected items found on this system”. I even have a rootkit hunter to parse through the system looking for attempts at gaining access to the root account….still nuthin’ LoL! So yes, all the other tips are sound, but the BEST recommendation made in this article?..is to run a Linux OS on your machine. Granted there’s a million different ones out there, and the choice can seem completely overwhelming, but with a bit of research…(c’mon….you do research for everything else right?….on a car….on the house you want to buy….the neighborhood you want to live in….so why not devote a few weekends to finding THE PERFECT OPERATING SYSTEM for your PC?…Imagine it…an OS that will place things where yo utell them to….and not in some vague folder, an OS that won’t push “hidden” updates onto your machine and then “surprise” you with it later, an OS that respects your privacy, and that will ONLY do what YOU tell it TO! Yeah….Linux can be the best thing you ever install on your laptop. If I had to give someone advice? I’d definitely send them to DistroWatch.com but instead of telling them to just look at the pictures of the different OS’es I’d tell them to look up how to burn an .ISO file to USB and to have them experiment with the different ones there….being sure to pay attention to the “Top 20” (Normally people might say top 10 or top 5…..but if you broaden your color selection you can paint a better picture!) and to find the one that “does” it for you. If it’s not popular? that doesn’t matter it’s thereto be used, and you can use it and it will work for you and you won’t get infected with malware or viruses.

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