5 of the Best Third Party Xbox One Controllers

Microsoft isn’t the only one making quality controllers for their Xbox One console. If you are looking for alternative controllers for your Xbox One, here are some of the best Xbox One controllers from third-party manufacturers.

1. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

From peripheral giant Razer comes the Wolverine Ultimate, an Xbox One controller aimed at those who fancy themselves to be professional gamers. The Wolverine Ultimate features a variety of features that can give players an advantage. First, the controller has six additional programmable buttons in conjunction with the standard Xbox One controller layout. Players will find two shoulder buttons next to the left and right bumper/trigger buttons, as well as four trigger buttons located on the underside of the controller.


In addition, the Wolverine Ultimate features quick-swap thumbsticks and directional pads. These connect to the controller via magnets, making it easy to customize the controller on the fly. The Wolverine Ultimate also works on PC; however, Xbox One users will benefit from the Razer Synapse Xbox One app.

This apps allows users to tweak things like thumbstick sensitivity and set up multiple control profiles. Unfortunately, the Wolverine Ultimate comes with a hefty price tag at over $150.

2. SCUF Infinity1

The Infinty 1 from SCUF feels exactly like a stock standard Xbox One controller. For players who find it difficult to adapt to the dimensions of third-party controllers, this familiarity is a huge plus.

Although, this is where the similarities end. First, SCUF is known for the insane levels of cosmetic customization gamers can choose from when purchasing their controller. Color schemes, patterns, you name it, your imagination is the limit when buying a SCUF controller.


It’s not all aesthetics, though. The SCUF Infinity 1 also boasts swappable analog sticks and four programmable rear paddle buttons. Furthermore, the Infinity 1 has changeable trigger stops, meaning users can customize how far they need to depress a button before the action is carried out. While the SCUF Infinity 1 has a number of great features, only hardcore gamers will be comfortable with the price.

3. Horipad Fighting Commander

Despite being an officially licensed Xbox One controller, the Horipad Fighting Commander is unlike any other controller on this list. This is because it looks completely different. Eagle-eyed readers might surmise that this is because of a complete lack of analog sticks. In lieu of thumbsticks, the Horipad Fighting Commander features a six-button layout. This moves two actions normally mapped to the shoulder buttons down to the face of the controller. This allows players to pull off complex moves in fighting games with ease.


As the name suggests, the Fighting Commander is made with fighting games in mind. Unfortunately, without analog sticks, the Fighting Commander has limited compatibility. But for those of you who can’t get enough of 2D brawlers, this controller gives you a fighting chance.

4. PowerA Enhanced

The PowerA Enhanced wired controller is nearly an exact copy of the controller that Microsoft ships out with the Xbox One console. This should come as no surprise considering it is an officially licensed controller. At less than half the price of the real thing, this makes the PowerA Enhanced attractive for a secondary controller. Unfortunately, cutting cost down means omitting wireless capability. That being said, you wont have to worry about charging any batteries.


In addition to being super affordable and feeling like the real thing, the PowerA Enhanced has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It has two trigger buttons on the underside of the controller that are easily programmable on the fly. Furthermore, the PowerA Enhanced controller comes in a wide variety of colors.

5. AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller

If you’re looking for something basic that doesn’t break the bank, look no further. Online retail giant Amazon is now expanding the product offering under their AmazonBasics line to include gaming accessories. This, of course, includes controllers. The AmazonBasics Xbox wired controller is a no frills peripheral that simply works.


The AmazonBasics Wired controller ditches the rumble capability and the headphone jack, but these are non-essential features that do not impact gameplay. As suggested by the name, the controller is not wireless, so you’ll be tethered to your Xbox One console by a 10-foot cable. That being said, at less than half the price of a standard Xbox One controller, this is perfect for the budget conscious, or those looking for a controller for the kids to use so they don’t get yours all sticky.

What’s you favorite Xbox One controller? Is your favorite not on the list? Let us know in the comments!


  1. PowerA is the definition of “planned obsolescence,” breaks within 1 month with frighteningly accurate timing. “An exact copy of Microsoft controller” is a basic lie. Thanks.

  2. You have missed the obvious choice for quality and similarity to the xbox one with rear paddles and that is the PDP DELUXE Wired !!!!! and cheap too!!!

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