5 of the Best Third Party Keyboard Apps for iOS 8

With the release of the most anticipated operating system of the year, iOS 8, Apple now allows its users to install and use third-party keyboards on their iPhones and iPads via apps. While Android users were lucky to have gotten this option years ago, Apple users were feeling a bit unlucky. But rejoice users, you now have the ability to switch to a new keyboard on your iDevice running iOS 8. You might wonder what keyboard options you have for your device. Well, the app list below should give you some ideas:

1. SwiftKey Keyboard


Having been available for Android users for years, SwiftKey Keyboard has made its way to the App Store for iOS users. The keyboard offers some of the great typing features, such as auto-correction, smart learning, and predicting the next word that you are going to type. It auto-completes the words so that you do not have to type all the letters of the word. It saves you time, doesn’t it?

The app does not cost a penny and can be obtained from the App Store.

2. Swype


One of the most successful keyboards ever created for smartphones and tablets, the Swype keyboard app offers iOS users the ability to swipe and type their texts. You only need to drag a line over the letters of a word and it will be typed automatically. With over five free themes, the app aims to enhance your writing experience on your iDevices. It maintains a personal dictionary that stores the words that you use most frequently while texting.

The app costs $0.99 and is available to download in the App Store.

3. Fleksy


Claiming to be the fastest keyboard in the world, the Fleksy keyboard app has got it all for you to type faster on your device. With support for over 600 emojis, it lets you express exactly how you feel while texting your loved ones. Not only that, but it has some great-looking themes for you to choose from so that you do not get bored using the same theme for years.

It costs $0.99 and is available in the App Store.

4. MyScript Stack


MyScript Stack is a handwriting keyboard that allows you to type with your hand on your device. While the young generation may not like the app, it is definitely a cool keyboard for our older generations who prefer using hand gestures to write texts. It might remind them of their childhood. The app supports fifty-eight languages in character by character mode and sixteen languages in superimposed mode.

The app is available free of cost in the App Store.

5. Minuum


Having issues typing on your iOS device because you have big fingers? No problem, Minuum should help you with the issue. While utilizing a small portion of your device’s real state, the app aims to help those with big fingers type easily and without issues. The letters on the keyboard have more space between them to allow for error-free writing. Not only does it help you write in a better way, it helps you choose the right theme that suits your device perfectly. There are a number of themes in the app for you to choose from.


While the stock iOS keyboard is good enough to type and send texts, these alternative keyboard apps help you improve your productivity with new features, write better and faster, etc.

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  1. These are all good suggestions. One keyboard I’d like to add is TextExpander from smile on my Mac now offers iOS8 keyboard so that you can use it’s powerful features as a keyboard.

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