5 of the Best Themes and Wallpapers for CM Launcher 3D

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If you are considering buying a new smartphone, you might want its appearance to be very different from the one you had before. In many ways, a phone has become an extension of our personalities. Who can argue against a signature style statement, with a bit of glitz thrown in?

Obviously, that reasoning alone is not enough to justify a new phone purchase. This is where Android phone launchers really come in handy. Without spending a buck, you can greatly transform your phone’s appearance. CM Launcher 3D by Cheetah Mobile is one of the best launchers in 2019 that is worth checking out.

Here is a selection of the best themes that will give your phone an unbelievably awesome futuristic edge.

1. CM Launcher Default 3D Theme

The default theme of CM Launcher is immediately available from the app download. You must enable the launcher from your phone’s default theme settings. At 2 MB, it is extremely lightweight.

Cm Launcher Theme Select

The launcher’s graphic effects will immediately replace your phone’s 2D plat interface with a brand new 3D wallpaper. It is a visual treat to have all the apps rotate around a central axis and be sorted into their own neat categories.

Cm Launcher 3d

Click “Booster,” and it will immediately free up RAM space on your phone. Click “Daily themes” to get more options for wallpapers and all of them will leave you stunned. There is also a “CM VPN” option that actually works.

Phone Optimization Cm Launcher

You can further select themes based on color, your favorite interests or keyboard layouts.

Themes From Default Launcher Cm 3dsss

The appearance of the internal apps do not disappoint either.

Internal Apps Cm 3d

CM Launcher supports a variety of other themes you can rotate on a daily basis. Select them carefully to have a special day, each day.

2. Transparent Screen

Live life transparently! This is a brilliant 3D theme which uses your phone’s back camera to bring about a transparent screen wallpaper. If you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, your transparent phone can reflect your good mood in more ways than one.

Transparent Theme

After you start the transparent theme, it will seek your permission to use the back camera. The transparent wallpaper will remain active each time you are on the main screen.

Screen Transparent Start Y

Don’t want your mobile battery to drain due to continuous camera use? Then you can simply have a live aquarium by selecting “fish on screen.” It is quite transparent as well.

3. Samsung Galaxy Themes

From CM Launcher’s main app drawer, you can download a series of innovative 3D themes by Samsung Galaxy. The wallpapers have a nice appearance with floating app icons and speedy app movement at various points.

Samsung Galaxy Themes

Galaxy S7 Edge themes are further divided into the individual handset themes which should give you a techno-futuristic theme each new day.

Galaxy Theme

4. Glass Tech 3D

If you don’t want a transparent wallpaper on your phone because of the battery drain, Glass Tech 3D offers a breathtaking alternative. Nothing says 3D more than floating app icons which can be tweaked in a gravity-defying display. As you will find out, the glass tech theme gives a whole new meaning to swiping your phone.

Glass Tech 3d

The glass tech theme has further sub-themes of its own including lightning, flames and solar galaxies. The only limit is your imagination.

5. Earth in Space 3D

Do you like to see live views of earth from space? You don’t have to be an astronaut to witness that. With Earth in Space 3D theme, you can enjoy the pale blue dot in your own international space station. The best part is you get live wallpapers with 360-degree rotation. That means you can swivel the phone in any direction of your choice and get some interesting perspectives.

Earth In Space 3d

In Summary

Your phone gives you the opportunity to express yourself in many different ways. Sticking to only the default manufacturer’s theme can get boring. You might want to experiment with one of these superb three-dimensional themes by CM Launcher 3D.

What is your favorite launcher theme, and what makes it unique for you? What kind of customization have you done on your phone’s appearance? Do share your ideas in the comments.

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