4 of the Best WhatsApp, Email and SMS Scheduling Apps for Android


Sometimes timing is everything. Maybe you’re trying to contact someone in a different time zone and know that their favourite time for sifting through emails is around 3am your time. Or maybe you’re not too great at remembering birthdays so want to pre-fab a WhatsApp message to land in your friend’s inbox on the day. (It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.)

Whatever your reasons, scheduling apps can be vital, yet many of the top messaging apps don’t have that feature built in. So we gathered the best text scheduling apps that will do that job for you, scheduling messages sent via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, Twitter, and more!

1. Do It Later

An app whose name perfectly captures that human tendency to not do things when we probably should do them. Not that Do It Later is judging or anything. In fact, it’s one of the best apps to help you do just that, letting you schedule text messages, Tweets, emails and even calls for a time that suits you.


It’s got a nice cross-shaped interface from which you can access the main functions, and it generally ticks all the user-friendliness and intuitiveness boxes you’d expect from a good Material Design app. You can schedule messages to send repeatedly, too (if you want to be annoying), and can manage everything at once from a neat list view.

2. SKEDit Scheduling App

The most all-encompassing app on this list, SKEDit covers message scheduling for Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, calls and emails. Given the ambitious breadth of scheduling it covers, SKEDit isn’t always reliable, with some users complaining that it fails to schedule messages as frequently as it should. (It’s been said that a workaround is to disable battery optimization for the app.)


In case you’re wondering how “call scheduling” works, it’s actually just a reminder to make the call to a given number, presenting you with a button to make the call right away.

3. Boomerang

Actually a complete replacement for your email app rather than just a scheduling app, Boomerang is justifiably one of the most popular email apps out there. It’s vast, fast and feature-rich – one of those features being the option to schedule messages for sending later from any of your linked email accounts.


As well as that, Boomerang can seamlessly link up with your entire Google Apps account, integrating with your Gmail, Calendar, Docs and so on. You can also set up different profiles so that when you schedule your emails, you can ‘Send As’ one of your many aliases.

4. SMS Scheduler Free

If you’re just looking to schedule text messages and nothing else and don’t want to be overwhelmed by a panoply of options, then SMS Scheduler Free could be for you. It’s super-simple, allowing you to schedule text messages, repeat-send them, and otherwise manage your messages with all the gestures and UI elements you would in your bog-standard messaging app.


There’s not much more to it than that, and the “best of the rest” features include the option to schedule a message to send to multiple recipients, message templates, and speech recognition.

Onboard Options

That’s it for the third-party text scheduling apps, but it’s worth remembering that certain smartphone manufacturers have their built-in options, too. On the Samsung Galaxy series, for example, you can press the menu icon to send texts on a schedule. Does your phone have built-in message scheduling? Or do you have a great third-party app you use? Let us know!

Robert Zak
Robert Zak

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