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A teleprompter makes it easy to read the script while recording videos or giving speeches and presentations. However, a professional teleprompter costs you an arm and a leg. Thankfully, you can use your Android smartphone as a teleprompter. Just install any one of the following teleprompter apps on your Android device, and you’ll have a near professional-grade teleprompter in your hands with little to no cost.

1. Simple Teleprompter


Simple Teleprompter is an aptly named free app that is simple, minimal, and straightforward, with all the basic features you’ll ever need. On the main screen, you type in or import the text and tap on the start button to scroll the text. When needed, you can set a countdown for the teleprompter and customize other things like scroll speed, background color, text color, etc.

2. Teleprompter Pro


Teleprompter Pro is a fully customizable application that allows you to import any number of text files and scripts. Once imported, you can configure the application to initiate the countdown and auto-scroll the text with the speed of your choice. The application also comes with a mirror mode, which is very useful in a teleprompter. The app costs $6.49.

3. Oratory Teleprompter


Oratory Teleprompter is mainly designed to work in tandem with a camera application. After adding the text you want to teleprompt, the app will launch the teleprompter widget with auto-scrolling text on any camera application like YouTube Live, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. If you mainly record with your mobile phone, Oratory is a perfect choice for you, as you don’t have to use another smartphone as a teleprompter.



SUFLER.PRO supports any Bluetooth device and allows you to control the scrolling text via that device. This is particularly useful for quickly going forward or backward as and when needed without having to reach out for your smartphone. Additionally, the app also has Cloud Sync so that you can sync your scripts and text files between devices. You can also adjust text orientation and choose between vertical or horizontal orientation.

5. Nano Teleprompter


Nano Teleprompter is very similar to Oratory in that it displays a floating widget with scrolling text on top of any camera app. One of the interesting features of Nano Teleprompter is that rather than importing text files and scripts, you can open them directly with the app. Nano Teleprompter also supports gesture controls so that you can easily change the text size, widget size, and widget placement.

6. Parrot Teleprompter


Parrot Teleprompter can connect to your Dropbox account and download the text files and scripts from there. Along with the basic features you’d expect from a teleprompter, the app has a built-in mirror mode and even supports remote control functionality so that you can control the scroll speed and other activities without touching your smartphone.

7. Selvi Teleprompter Camera


Selvi is a basic camera app with a built-in teleprompter. You can import the script to Selvi, and it will appear as a transparent widget so that you can record video while reading the script. The teleprompter widget is fully customizable with variable scrolling and text customization.


Bigvu Teleprompter App

If you are looking for a highly-rated teleprompter app for your Android device, then you should consider giving BIGVU a try. It allows you to add automatic subtitles, edit captions, replace the green screen with any of your favorite backgrounds, and much more. There are a ton of customization features that make;; this BIGVU teleprompter app a one-stop shop for all your vlogging-related needs. The app review section also highlights good customer service.

9. Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant Teleprompter App Android

With multiple customization options, such as text mirror, import text files from onboard storage, changing scroll speed, size, line spacing, etc., Elegant Teleprompter is one of the best teleprompter apps for Android. One of the best features of the Elegant Teleprompter app is that it has a “Floating Window” option, which allows you to use any other app simultaneously with it. However, to unlock more features and get rid of the ads, you can opt for the Pro version of the app. Otherwise, the free version of the app is itself feature-loaded.

10. SpeechWay

Speechway Teleprompter App

The last teleprompter app on our list is SpeechWay. It specializes in providing features that are useful for video bloggers, live streamers, and tv-presenters. It can be used as a mirrored teleprompter and camera teleprompter, As a floating teleprompter, it allows you to use any other app while using it. There are multiple features, including timer, changing text size, text speed, font, color theme, etc. These make it one of the best teleprompter apps for Android. You can connect any Bluetooth controller and use it as a remote control.

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