5 of the Best High Tech Pet Products for Your Dog

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We may be a little ashamed to admit it, but we all lose our collective minds over the latest tech innovations. Technology has vastly improved our everyday lives, so it only makes sense that technology should make our pets’ lives better as well. In today’s high tech society, a new tennis ball or some cat nip just isn’t going to cut it for our furry friends. Fortunately, there are a number of tech savvy solutions to help our pets stay safer and more connected.

1. LED Pet Collar

Dog owners are well aware that their dogs can get pretty excited when it comes to taking walks. This can lead to some some erratic behavior, especially when your dog wants to escape your grasp and explore the outside world. Unfortunately, this makes walking your dog at night downright anxiety-inducing. Rambunctious pets can dart right into the path of an unsuspecting motorist. Avoiding a sprinting dog in broad daylight can be a tall order, but at night it becomes very dangerous.

Pet Tech Ledcollar

Fortunately, with an LED collar your pet will be clearly visible to nighttime motorists. There are a number of LED collars on the market. They are available in a variety of different sizes and colors. Additionally, they all feature rechargeable internal batteries. The LED dog collars made by Illumiseen boast a 4.5 star rating from over 4,000 customers. Furthermore, Illumiseen offers a variety of other LED safety gear including dog vests, leashes, breastplate collars for horses and more.

2. PetNet Smart Feeder

Busy schedules can often lead to absent-mindedness. This can become problematic when you’re trying to get your pet on a specific diet. Thankfully, this is where the PetNet SmartFeeder comes in. The SmartFeeder automatically dispenses food for your dog or cat. In addition, owners can personalize their pet’s food portions. The SmartFeeder can recommend healthy portion sizes based on your pet’s age, weight and activity. This is perfect for ensuring you don’t under- or overfeed your pet.

Pet Tech Smartfeeder

Furthermore, the SmartFeeder features a smartphone app that allows users to feed their furry friends with a tap, and send notifications when your pet has been fed or when food is running low. Additionally, the SmartFeeder even integrates with a variety of IoT devices including Amazon Alexa, Nest camera and Google Home. You can ask these devices when your pet was last fed, and even instruct your digital assistant to feed your pet using only your voice!

3. Furbo

Spending time away from your beloved pet can be torture. Luckily, the Furbo can diminish your guilt and help your pet adjust to being home alone. The Furbo is a device that features an integrated 720p high-definition camera as well as a two-way microphone so you can interact with your pet remotely through your smartphone. In addition, the Furbo also has a treat-tossing function so you can reward your furball simply by tapping a button on your screen.

Pet Tech Furbo

The Furbo’s microphone allows you to not only communicate with your pet from afar but also hear how they respond to the sound of your voice. In addition, the Furbo app will send push notifications to your phone when it hears your pet barking. That way you can always be there for your pet whenever it needs you.

4. Whistle

The Whistle is the number-one animal tracker and locator on Amazon and for good reason. The Whistle is a small device that connects to your pet’s collar. It features nationwide location tracking, so owners can pinpoint where their pet is at all times. Additionally, Whistle users will get text, email or app alerts whenever their pet leaves home. Furthermore, the Whistle acts as an activity tracker, giving owners an insight into their pet’s overall health based on their age, weight and breed.

Pet Tech Whistle

The Whistle also features a seven-day battery, the longest-lasting battery of any pet-tracker on the market. Additionally, the Whistle is super durable and totally waterproof, so no matter what your pet gets into, the Whistle is going to hold up. Be aware that the Whistle requires a subscription fee for its GPS location services. The Whistle uses the AT&T network; however, there are no new phone contracts required, and plans start as low as $6.95/month at the time of this writing.

5. Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Dogs can suffer from anxiety just like people. If your dog suffers from discomfort due to travel, loud noises, strangers, fireworks, or young children, the Calmz Anxiety Relief System by Petmate could be just what the doctor ordered.

Pet Tech Calmz

Calmz is a vest-like harness for your dog that provides vibrations and sounds to calm their nerves during potentially stressful events. The adjustable harness fits over specific points along your dog’s spine. When the device is turned on, your dog will feel calming vibrations, as well as hear therapeutic tones and classical music.

Do you pamper your furry friend with high-tech pet products? Which ones do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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