What’s the Best Tablet Keyboard? [We ask you]

There’s no doubt that tablets are great tools for doing many things electronically. But if you’re going to do anything more than just a small amount of typing, you need a keyboard, as in a separate keyboard, paired up by Bluetooth. Pounding away on the built-in keyboard just isn’t that efficient.

What’s the best tablet keyboard? There are many of them on the market, in all sorts of different styles. There are some that are just tiny enough to fit the width of the smallest of tablets such as the iPad Mini, and there are also some that are full-size.

There’s also the power source to consider, whether they are running on batteries or they can charge your tablet like the Bluetooth Tablet Station with Wireless Keyboard available at Brookstone.


Sometimes tablet keyboards have multiple functions as well. Many of them can double as tablet covers and also be flexible enough, like the HDE Mini USB Flexible Keyboard, to roll up for easier carrying.


The brand of tablet keyboard you count as your favorite is going to fit your usage of your tablet. For instance, I’m a touch typist and type very fast that way. I’m not into relearning how to type with each different keyboard I have. That means the keys need to stay in the same locations. Many times to make everything fit, the tablet keyboards move keys around and even eliminate some. The keyboard I’ve found that most resembles a normal QWERTY keyboard and is cheap and easy to find as well is the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad.

Now we put the question to you, what’s the best tablet keyboard for you?

Cast your vote for your favorite in the comments section below. Please submit your answer in the following manner:

Submit the name of the best tablet keyboard, then a short paragraph, just a few sentences, of why this is the best.

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  1. The best keyboard is one that’s included in the tablet cover and preferably NOT uses BlueTooth but a direct connection. Which brand/model is the flexible b/w one on the photo?

  2. I have used three different tablet keyboards (including the built in soft keyboard) and prefer the Zagg Bluetooth. I can’t stand the constant flipping back and forth for alpha and numbers, and since I do a lot of typing with both, the soft keyboard wastes a lot of time and screen space.

    While many complain about the Bluetooth draining the battery, I have not noticed this problem on my iPad2. Battery life on the keyboard is amazing – minimum six months on one charge and I use it a lot for both work and play.

  3. I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. I’m looking for a tablet keyboard to use with this device. Anyone have any suggestions?

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