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With so many things to choose from on Reddit, where should you start? If you’re looking for the best subreddits to binge, start with this list. No matter what you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed to find something fun, interesting, and entertaining.

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1. r/IAmA

AskMeAnything subreddit view.

Have burning questions to ask authors, actors, medical professionals, and others? If so, you need to follow r/IAmA (Ask Me Anything). A person (they must offer proof of their identity) gives a description of who they are and a brief intro, then users ask questions. It can range from on-topic to something completely random. The OP then does their best to answer those questions. You’ll find a surprising number of celebrities participating, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Keanu Reeves, and more.

2. r/TodayILearned

TodayILearned subreddit view.

Love random facts? r/TodayILearned is one of the best subreddits to follow to discover tidbits you probably never knew. For example, did you know that it’s illegal to wear camouflage in 11 countries? Or that camels once invaded an Australian town? From highly obscure to insanely useful, binge Reddit and learn something new at the same time.

3. r/InternetIsBeautiful

The Internet is useful and not just social media drama. Case in point: r/InternetIsBeautiful is a continuous stream of interesting, useful, and fun websites. For instance, discover a site to create and mix your own relaxing ambient sounds. Or learn what the best legal sports streaming websites are. You never know what you might find, so follow immediately to not miss anything.

Internet Is Beautiful subreddit view.

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4. r/Aww

Aww subreddit view.

r/Aww is what the Internet is all about: cute things that make you go “aww.” This subreddit is a good mix of cute and funny. Yes, there are ample adorable kitties, bunnies, and puppies to make bad days seem much better. Laugh at a cute black cat who’s obviously not guilty, or see how a corgi walks a horse. It’s the cuter side of Reddit and hard not to scroll for hours.

5. r/ExplainLikeI’mFive

Explain Like I'm Five subreddit view.

Tired of complex explanations that sound like a foreign language? Get clarifications for almost anything in layman’s terms on the r/ExplainLikeI’mFive subreddit. You’ll find questions you never even thought to ask, such as how ants know when their colony’s physical size is big enough and why credit scores start at 300 versus zero.

6. r/ShowerThoughts

We all know our best thinking happens in the shower. It’s also where some of the most random thoughts come from. Explore or share your own thoughts on r/ShowerThoughts. It’s one of the best subreddits to make you stop and think – not about anything important, of course. For instance, sleep is something you have to pretend to do before you do it. And, by age 30, you’ve had an entire month of birthdays.

Shower Thoughts subreddit view.

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7. r/Cooking

Cooking subreddit view.

From cooking tips to pet peeves, r/Cooking is the place to be if you like spending time in the kitchen. It’s a friendly community of both professional chefs and complete beginners, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re a noob, you may also want to follow r/CookingForBeginners. In fact, follow both, as they’ll both help you become a better cook.

8. r/Technology

Technology subreddit view.

For anything related to tech, r/Technology is the place to be. You’ll find everything from the latest tech news to complaints about tech, such as Gmail ads. You can also dive into AI news and read all about Hollywood writers battling AI. If you want to read more about tech innovations, try r/tech instead. It’s a more focused subreddit. If you find too many off-topic posts, try r/RealTech, which is a bot that picks out the most relevant posts from r/Technology.

9. r/AskReddit

r/AskReddit is the second largest subreddit on Reddit. It’s always active and a free-for-all of endless random questions. The rules are simple: ask a straightforward question for the community to answer. With over 40 million members, you’ll always get a response. Questions range from nostalgic, such as your first memory of being online, to entertaining, such as the dumbest idea in history.

AskReddit subreddit view.

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10. r/Funny

Funny subreddit view.

With numerous hilarious subreddits, r/Funny is the number one place to check for everything that’s hilarious. If you’re easily offended, don’t follow this one. Some content is NSFW, so you may want to avoid bingeing at work. You’ll find memes, comedic clips, and hilarious situations. If you’d rather stick to just memes, try r/Memes instead. Both are well worth following for a daily dose of laughter.

11. r/Productivity

Productivity subreddit view.

Some people are natural at getting things done in the most efficient ways, while the rest of us rely on coffee to keep going. If you need a productivity boost, r/Productivity is one of the best subreddits to binge. Ask questions if you’re having trouble, or share advice on what’s worked for you. Find everything from self help, such as the best tiny habits to do every day, to tech tips, such as useful keyboard shortcuts. If you’re trying to get more things done, try the productivity app Todoist and use our Todoist keyboard shortcut guide to make using the app even easier.

12. r/100YearsAgo

100 Years Ago subreddit view.

Whether you’re a major history buff or not, r/100YearsAgo is one of the best history subreddits available. It’s perfect for learning new facts, brushing up on interesting history, and just seeing how the world has changed. Most of the posts are backed up with a photo or newspaper image from that time. It’s usually simpler stories instead of major events, making it even more fascinating. At the time of writing, there were stories about Babe Ruth visiting children’s hospitals and how women were coping with high sugar costs in 1923.

13. r/Books

No matter what kind of books you like to read, r/Books is the place to ask questions, get updates on the latest releases, and find new recommendations. It’s also the place to vent if a book didn’t meet your expectations. What’s really nice about this community is that there’s also a monthly book club to participate in. You’ll also get to enjoy regular author AMAs (ask me anything). Engaging discussions about books are on offer as well, such as books that make you see life in new ways. If you just want book suggestions, add r/SuggestMeABook. If you’re trying to build your ebook collection, check out these Kindle Unlimited alternatives.

Books subreddit view.

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14. r/Gaming

Gaming subreddit view.

r/Gaming focuses on everything related to gaming, from video games to board games. The only thing not covered is sports. You’ll find more video game content – such as suggestions, gripes, and memes – than anything else, though. Talk about games you’d love to experience again for the first time or get recommendations for any type of game, such as indie RPGs. If you’d like to skip the memes and random screenshots, try r/Games. Or, up your discussion quality even more with r/TrueGaming.

15. r/AmITheAsshole

Am I the Asshole subreddit view.

Ever made a questionable decision, which had you wondering what kind of person you are? Let Reddit answer that for you on r/AmITheAsshole. It’s one of the most talked about subreddits. Each post explains a situation and how each side reacted. It’s then up to users to decide whether the poster is in the wrong. You’ll find all types of questions and situations, such as a father wondering if he was wrong to pay for his daughter’s wedding but not for his two sons. Find your moral high ground and judge away.

16. r/DIY

DIY subreddit view.

Whether you want to save money on home projects or make something creative, r/DIY is one of the best subreddits to help you. You’ll find everything from beautiful crafts, like these aluminum roses, to tips on caulking. It’s a little bit of everything related to DIY. You can search the subreddit or opt for niche subreddits, such as r/Crafts and r/HomeImprovement.

17. r/Music

Want to talk about the latest music news or find a random song you’ve never heard of? Just follow r/Music. While there are plenty of genre-specific music subreddits, this is the mother of all music subreddits. Nearly every genre is covered, and it’s fun to run across music videos from decades ago. Discover why older music is suddenly more popular with younger generations, and get song recommendations, too.

Music subreddit view.

Tip: if you need subtitles for your movies and TV shows, you’ll find them at these sites.

18. r/Movies

Movies subreddit view.

When you’re not listening to music, keep up with everything movie-related with r/Movies. Talk about the latest blockbuster releases, streaming news, and movies you absolutely love or hate. There are many interesting discussions here, such as which action movies would be better if they were animated, and which actors are most often villains versus heroes.

19. r/NoStupidQuestions

Have a question but are afraid to ask? At r/NoStupidQuestions, there are no stupid questions, so ask away. No matter what’s on your mind, ask it and the community will do their best to answer. Even if you have nothing to ask, it’s one of the best subreddits to binge to learn random facts. Get life advice, such as dealing with someone who constantly interrupts you, and discover why famous paintings are important. It’s a mixed bag, and you never know what to expect.

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