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We’ve already covered how you can play local multiplayer games online using Steam remote play. However, what kind of games should you look for when you’re buying something for a friend?

Here are some of the best games on Steam with Remote Play compatibility.

1. Cuphead

This indie title took the world by storm with its lovingly-crafted hand-drawn graphics and refined gameplay. Don’t let the cute graphics fool you: this game is tough and will take multiple retries to take down a boss or complete a level.

Cuphead comes with a two-player mode where a friend takes control of Mugman. The two-player mode makes the ride a little safer, as you can be saved from death if your friend tags your ghost before it floats away.

2. Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is a love-letter to the old days when Sonic was strong enough to rival Mario. Unfortunately, also like the old days, you can’t play two-player online.

Fortunately, you can use Remote Play to bring a friend online into the game. You and your friend can play as Sonic and Tails while exploring levels inspired by the older games. Some locations will be very familiar to old-school Sonic fans, and others are brand-new to the franchise.

3. Overcooked

Overcooked is a game with a simple concept but a challenging process. You and a friend have to work together to assemble meals for patrons, except only one person can crew stations. You have to work as a team to assemble a meal, and that’s before the obstacles appear.

Later levels have you construct meals between moving trucks, in space stations, and in a lava pool. Overcooked takes a lot of teamwork and much more patience with one another, so be sure to bring your finest squad of chefs!

4. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a great choice for someone who wants something a little less co-operative. You have to be the last man standing, but it’s harder than it sounds. Not only do you fight in very dangerous arenas (like on top of moving trucks), but your character fights like a drunk person.

Despite its silly nature, however, Gang Beasts has surprisingly good combat feel to it. You can punch people to knock them out, pick them up, throw them into danger, or cling on for dear life over a shredder. The physics engine that drives the game is fantastic and allows for some hilarious moments with your friends.

5. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

How do you feel about guiding a spaceship with your friends? Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime puts your teamwork to the test by giving everyone a spaceship. To progress, you need to fly it; the only problem is, each control panel is in different parts of the ship.

You and your friends need to work together to optimize who’s doing what. You don’t want controls to go unmanned, nor do you want two people going for the same panel. Once you have a system down, the game will put it to the test to challenge you and your friends to work together.

When you want to play a couch co-op game but your friends are too far away, remote play is a great Plan B. If you are not into playing Steam games, there are plenty of multiplayer Nintendo Switch games, too.

Which Steam games with remote play did we miss out on? Let us know below.

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