6 Best Spotify Alternatives for Music Streaming

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Spotify is often seen as the best music streaming service, but it’s facing some serious competition. There are a variety of music apps like Spotify to give you an endless supply of music. If you’re ready to try something new, check out some of the best Spotify alternatives to see which one fits your needs best.

1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music has quickly become one of the best music apps like Spotify while still offering something different.


Available in 17 countries at the time of writing, YouTube Music brings together music from the biggest record labels and uses Google’s AI learning to tailor your streaming just for you. It also taps into the untold millions of songs from the main YouTube site – covers, fan versions, uploads, and much more.

Free users will have to put up with ads, which is fair enough, but a little more frustrating is the fact that on the smartphone versions, you can’t turn your screen off without the music cutting out. But, that’s another way the platform tries to get you to buy the premium version.

You can grab the iOS or Android version if the browser-based version is available in your country. The paid version costs $9.99 a month, gets rid of ads and lets you listen on your phone with the screen off. Pay just $2 more a month, and you get YouTube Premium, which gives you access to YouTube’s original shows and movies – a solid upgrade.

2. Apple Music

With a massive library and an attractive user interface, Apple Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives. It’s also ideal for iPhone users who’d rather use official Apple apps instead, but it’s not just for iOS users.


If you have an iPhone, it’s quite possibly a better choice than Spotify, since you can play music via Siri on your phone through voice commands.

Apart from the 70 million or so songs, users can also watch music videos and listen to live radio stations run by real DJs. When you first sign up for the service, it will try to build a music profile and suggest radio stations and playlists, which are about as good as Spotify’s (read: hit or miss).

You can listen on desktops or via the iOS and Android apps. There’s no free tier, but new users can get a three-month trial before shelling out $9.99 per month for a subscription. Family plans are available for $14.99/month. As a bonus, you can bundle Apple Music with other Apple services starting at just $14.95/month, which includes TV+. Other Apple One bundles include additional services.

Check out the differences between Spotify and Apple Music and see which one is for you.

3. Pandora Radio

As you might know, Pandora is a bit different than other streaming services. It’s more like a custom radio station than a jukebox. Users create “stations” based on the stylistic similarities between songs and artists, and then Pandora’s algorithm plays music that matches those stats.


When it comes to music apps like Spotify, Pandora has a lot to offer. The free tier works great as your own personal radio station, but you’ll have to view ads for unlimited skips. It’s a great option if you don’t make your own playlists.

For $4.99/month, you get unlimited skips without ads. At the $9.99/month plan, everything’s ad free, you can make custom playlists and search and play on demand.

4. Deezer

Deezer is one of the closest music apps to Spotify. Like other services on this list, it includes a huge library (over 56 million tracks), on-demand radio, and more.


When you first sign up for the service, you’ll build a profile of your listening habits by selecting your favorite genres and artists. Then it will suggest playlists based on those choices. It doesn’t do an excellent job at picking up on your tastes, but it will still build a personal playlist (called your “flow”) with the music it thinks you’ll like.

The free version is ad-supported, is mobile only, and doesn’t include unlimited skips. Like most Spotify alternatives, plans start at $9.99/month. The family plan is $14.99/month.

5. Tidal

Jay-Z’s Tidal bills itself as a “hi-fi” streaming service. It’s the only streaming service to offer lossless compressed audio, appealing to audiophiles that want the flexibility of an online streaming service without sacrificing audio quality.


You also get access to videos and livestreams along with artist-curated stations. This is in addition to over 70 million tracks.

The subscription price for lossless quality is substantially higher than other services, running up to $19.99/month, though the standard premium plan is $9.99/month. Give the higher quality plan a try during the free trial, and if it’s not right for you, switch to the lower cost plan.

6. Amazon Music Unlimited

If you love Alexa integration and are looking for music apps like Spotify, Amazon Music is the perfect option. The version that’s included with Amazon Prime only has two million songs, but Amazon Music Unlimited includes access to over 70 million songs.

Best Music Apps Like Spotify Amazon

The free tier gives you access to thousands of playlists and stations. For on-demand listening, no ads, and custom playlists, you’ll have to subscribe to the Unlimited plan for $7.99/month, which makes it cheaper than most Spotify alternatives.

Of course, since it’s an Amazon product, it integrates well for voice control via Alexa.


Most music apps like Spotify offer a free tier or free trial. Give these Spotify alternatives a try for free first. Then, see which one works best for you.

If you’re also trying to find the best TV-streaming service, use these free tools to help you choose.

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