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When is the last time you tested your typing speed? Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a speed demon, or do you believe in the slow-and-steady approach to minimize mistakes?

Whatever your approach to typing, it’s always interesting to find out just how fast you can type. There are several websites that not only let you test your typing speed but compare your results against other people around the world and have extra features as well to spice up the experience.

1. Keybr

This one’s not only a typing test but a website that actively teaches you to type faster and faster.

Keybr does this by essentially getting you to type nonsense words based on letters that tend to be typed one after the other. It gives you a score, works out your WPM, and tells you the progress you make each time you complete a passage.

Keybr Typing App

You can set up an account on this site, too, so you can return and pick up where you left off and view detailed statistics about your speed-typing progress.

There’s a high scoreboard and multiplayer mode here too.

2. TypingTest

With a range of typing test lengths and a whole bunch of games for you to enjoy, TypingTest is one of the most varied type-testing sites on the Internet.

Typing Test Typing Game

Aimed more at beginners than grizzled veterans, TypingTest is designed to make typing practice vibrant and engaging. Games include racing games, shooters, and platformers – some with genuinely catchy art styles!

There’s a neat multiplayer game, too, as well as TypeTastic – a range of activities designed for children at various stages of education.

3. Official Typing Test

The site may not look terribly pretty, but this is among the more “professional” of the typing tests in this list.

Official Typing Test

Official Typing Test offers a range of typing tests, such as 1-, 3- and 5-minute tests, as well as 10-key tests and zip-code tests to see how well you fare when typing numbers. There’s a fairly comprehensive tips section, too, so you can shore up your typing skills.

Once you’ve completed the tests, you can buy a certificate showing your results to prospective employers. With that said, there’s nothing “official” about this test, despite the name, so the certificate doesn’t necessarily have any universal value.

4. Type Racer

There’s no better way to motivate yourself to type faster than with a bit of healthy competition. Type Racer is a speed-typing test site that lets you practice your touch-typing before jumping into a race against other people in real time!

Type Racer

The races only take about a minute, providing each racer with a block of text they need to type as quickly as possible. It’s visually basic, but you’ll be amazed at how engaging it is (and frustrating when you make a typo and need to backspace all the way to it).

You can compete for a place on the leaderboards and challenge your friends to races, too.

5. Ztype

What better way to improve your typing speed than by playing games. But you won’t play usual racing games on Ztype. In fact, it lets you play a space-themed game, which I am sure you would have played in your younger days.

Ztype Typing Game

You need to type in the words coming in the form of enemies to destroy them. All you need to do is type in the correct word to trigger an attack on your enemies. The game difficulty level keeps on increasing after every level. Each level keeps your excitement level up. You would surely benefit from the fun gameplay as well as improvement in your typing speeds.

Another good thing about Ztype is you can paste a custom URL or your own text to convert into a typing game. There are also some nifty features such as changing the background music.


These are some of the best sites for getting your typing skills up to speed. Through a combination of games, competition, and handy pointers, they offer everything you need!

Sagar Naresh
Sagar Naresh

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