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VCE is the file format associated with Visual CertExam Suite. This simulator is used for creating IT certification courses and is also used for certification exam preparation. Many companies use this model to certify technical workers: Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, among others.

One thing these exams have in common is that they were built with Visual Certification Exam Software and are in VCE file format. If you get a copy of the exam for practice purposes, you’ll need Visual CertExam Suite to open the files. If you don’t have one installed, you can always go for the PDF version of the exam paper. In this case, you’ll need to convert VCE to PDF.

In this article, we highlight the best free VCE-to-PDF converters to use.

1. PDFTool

The first on our list of best VCE-to-PDF converters is PDFTool. You can use PDFTool to convert VCE files to PDF very easily. Moreover, this tool is one of the fastest available. You can choose from different VCE conversion styles, such as regular, landscape, and text only.

Vce To Pdf Pdftool

The best part of PDFTool is that it is free. However, there is a limit on the size of conversions. Notably, the file size should be equal to or less than 100MB. If your files meet the criteria, then PDFTool is the best converter for your needs.

2. DoPDF

DoPDF is another great tool you can use to convert VCE to PDF. This freeware is more than just a converter. Once installed on your PC, it acts as a virtual printer that can be used to print PDF files. You’ll also be able to see it in your printer list.

Dopdf Vce To Pdf

One thing to note is that DoPDF doesn’t work alone. To convert VCE to PDF, you’ll need to install another tool known as VCE Designer. This is basically a VCE tool that lets you create, edit, and print VCE files. Once you have installed both programs on your computer, open your VCE file with VCE Designer, go to the Print Options, then select DoPDF as the printer. After that, the program will convert your VCE file to PDF within seconds.

3. VCEPlus

VCEPlus is a website that converts VCE files to PDF for free. To convert VCE, you first need to upload your file to cloud storage. Once uploaded, send the link to the administrators of VCEPlus.

Vceplus Vce To Pdf

They will convert your file to PDF format, then email you the converted file within 12 to 24 hours. It’s definitely not the fastest converter, but it gets the job done.

4. VCEConvert

VCEConvert is another great online tool that you can use to convert VCE files to PDF format. Unlike VCEPlus, VCE Convert has the advantage in that it can get your files converted within just a few minutes.

Vceconvert Vce To Pdf Converter

Another great benefit of using this program is that it will convert VCE into three PDF files: Portrait, Landscape, and Questions Only. This ensures you get your exam preparation materials in the most presentable way.

5. CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer works in the same fashion as DoPDF. To convert VCE to PDF, this freeware interacts with extensions such as VCE Designer. Just open your VCE file with VCE Designer, then choose CutePDF as the printer. The program will convert your file and save it as a PDF.

Cute Pdf Writer

This tool is small in size and doesn’t use a lot of resources. It is also easy to use and supports foreign languages other than English. Overall, it’s one of the best, free-to-use VCE-to-PDF converters.

Wrapping Up

VCE converters make it easy for you to access exam materials that were created with Visual Certification Exam Software. The above tools and services will help you convert your VCE files to PDF without paying a dime.

If you have a need to convert other types of files, here is how you can convert audio to text, convert webp to jpg and covert a PDF to a Word document. You can also convert Google Docs to Microsoft Word easily!

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