5 of the Best Smart Backpacks for Road Warriors


With everything in the home becoming “smart,” it can be hard to find something that hasn’t been upgraded in some way. From the renowned mobile phone to the more obscure smart kitchen timers, all the new smart accessories are heaven for a gadget lover.

Recently there’s been a rise of “smart backpacks” which aim to enhance the regular backpack for a digitally-driven era. If you’re sick to death of all the smart accessories on the market, however, don’t turn your nose up just yet; these aren’t as bad as you may think!

What Is a “Smart Backpack”?

To understand what a smart backpack is, we have to look at why there was a need for one in the first place. Professionals are slowly ditching the humble suitcase when it comes to transporting tech, opting instead for backpacks. This may partly be due to how backpacks can be designed with laptops in mind, with special cushioning and compartments for protection. With the backpack becoming the gadget aficionado’s choice of transport, it’s only natural that backpack manufacturers have stepped up their game to meet their audience.

Smart backpacks are generally defined by some special technology-based feature that sets them apart from a regular backpack. Some may have a USB charging port which is charged by the sun; others may have a smart tracking system to save an expensive laptop from being stolen or lost. Essentially, they’re backpacks designed to make the most of the gadgets you’re carrying with you.

If you’re someone who’s constantly taking your gadgets out on the road and want something that can keep up with your demands, a smart backpack can give you many benefits. Just the added benefit of having a mobile charger wherever you go can be a big enough boon; you’ll never be caught out with a dead battery again!

Regardless of your needs, let’s take a look at five of the best smart backpacks and where each one shines.

1. YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack


If you enjoy travelling around the world but hate taking technology through security checks, this one by YOREPEK is definitely worth a look. While it can operate as a regular backpack, it can also open up at a security checkpoint to show everything you’re carrying within. It has a charging port on the outside to connect to a battery pack (which isn’t included), as well as a headphone hole so you can listen to music while keeping your gadgets safety tucked inside.

2. Korin ClickPack Pro


This backpack is well-suited for anyone who wants to keep their electronics secure while on the go. The strong combo lock on the main compartment stops thieves from undoing your bag without you noticing. The bag also comes with a metal wire, which can be tethered around a pole and attached to the lock to prevent anyone from grabbing your bag and running. Even the bag itself is slashproof in case a robber tries the more drastic route! It features an external charging port, which is hidden away to prevent drawing the attention of thieves.

3. Kopak Slim Business Laptop Backpack


If you want something you can use for both work and play, give this Kopak backpack a shot. While it does have a spot for both a laptop and tablet, it also has a compartment for regular items such as documents. This means you don’t have to sacrifice practical space in order to fit your laptop! The laptop compartment zipper comes with a small combination lock, so you can better secure your hardware.

4. Mancro Laptop Backpack


This one by Mancro is the perfect backpack for anyone who’s serious about their tech. Got a lot of goods? No problem – this impressive bag has three main pockets and nine smaller ones to fit all your goods. It is also water-resistant, so you can bring your tech with you in light rain without fear of anything getting wet.

5. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack


Finally, if you want something that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality, this vintage-styled backpack has a modern-day charger port for the best of both worlds. It’s not all looks, though; it also has six compartments inside and is made of a durable fabric to keep everything safe.

Smart Buys

“Smart backpacks” may seem like a gimmick by name, but they’re actually very useful for road warriors with a lot of technology to carry. Now you know what they are and five of the best examples of smart backpacks available.

Do you want a smart backpack? Perhaps you have one you want to recommend? Sound off below!

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Simon Batt
Simon Batt

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