The 3 Best Sites to Rate Your Teachers and Professors Online

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Teacher-rating websites can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they give you useful insight into how a course works and what to expect if you choose it. Sometimes they’re simply dumping grounds for students to vent their frustration, regardless of whether the teacher is actually good or not.

If you’re interested in doing some research on a teacher, these are the best three sites to do that.

1. Rate My Teachers

Since its creation, Rate My Teachers has changed hands between different owners. It had a redesign from its new owners, so it’s unlike what people remember from the past.

Teacher Rating My Teachers

Rate My Teachers attempted to stymie the negative commentary from students by breaking it down into a questionnaire. Students couldn’t directly say what was good or bad, but they could make their voices heard via set questions.

However, RMT has recently opened up to comments after popular demand. Despite this, they’re tightening up the guidelines so that overly-negative comments will get removed.

As for the site itself, you can find schools and courses by country. Once you find your school and/or teacher, you can read what other people think of it through their answers in the questionnaire.

2. Rate My Professors

If you want to see more personal comments from students, try Rate My Professors. Unlike the above entry, this website allows people to make personal comments about each professor.

Teacher Rating Professors

This acts as a double-edged sword, however. When done well, you can find good, constructive reviews of professors and how they work. When they’re not done well, it becomes a dumping ground for disgruntled students to bad-mouth professors when they feel wronged.

Regardless, it’s worth a look if only to see what people are saying. Try to ignore any reviews that sound like a student who thought it was the professor’s fault they failed instead of their own!

One thing to note about Rate My Professors before you use it: a while ago they had a “hotness” rating where students could evaluate how attractive their teachers are. This has since been removed, but it’s worth noting to show what kind of standards the site once had!

3. Rate Your Lecturer

A relatively unknown entry to the teacher-rating niche, Rate Your Lecturer is a UK-based middle ground between the above two. It does ask for six ratings for different aspects in a questionnaire style but also allows the student to manually enter the pros and cons for the lecturer.

Teacher Rating Lecturer

What makes this site good is how it highlights the top professors in an institution. When you search for a specific school, the site will let you know who the top five highest-rated professors are. This makes it easy to identify the best of the best and ensure you’re getting a good education.

Who Makes the Grade?

Teacher-rating sites can either be a useful tool for finding the right education or a spiteful place for people to vent their frustrations and insult teachers behind their backs. While there aren’t many teacher websites, the ones that do exist seem to be cleaning up their acts.

Do you like the idea of teacher evaluation sites? Let us know below.

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  1. “Teacher-rating sites can either be a useful tool for finding the right education or a spiteful place for people to vent their frustrations and insult teachers behind their backs. ”
    So how does one distinguish between the useful and the spiteful? Or is it a case of “You picks your site and takes your chances”?

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