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While RSS readers might not be as popular as they once were, they’re still invaluable tools for pulling together all the various content you like to read from numerous sources into a single feed. As you may expect, RSS readers don’t all work the same. That’s why you have to compare and find the best RSS reader for Windows for your needs.

1. NewsFlow – Best RSS Reader for Windows

NewsFlow is hands down the best of the RSS readers for Windows. It’s a clean, modern, Windows 10 app that doesn’t look like it’s better suited to Windows XP or earlier. Search for feeds with keywords, URLs, and more. You can even view YouTube videos and GIFs directly in the app. Organize all your feeds the way you want for easy viewing. You can customize every feed individually, including notifications.

Best Rss Reader For Windows Newsflow

Since it works well with Windows 10, you can also pin live tiles for the news you want to see most. It syncs between devices and includes offline reading options. I personally love how fast it works while being simple. It does what it needs to do without a lot of excess features.

2. Omea Reader

Omea Reader gathers RSS feeds, ATOM feeds, bookmarked pages, and newsgroups. It’s easy to organize and categorize your feeds. You can even automate the process. It is a bit dated, but that seems to be a common theme among desktop RSS readers. One standout feature is the ability to create workspaces to divide feeds based on interest, project, personal, and more.

Best Rss Reader For Windows Omea

It integrates well with Firefox, and there are even extensions to add feeds directly from your browser. Overall, it’s a highly effective reader that may remind you of an older Outlook, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you need more features, Omea Pro adds in the option to add in your own files, email, and more to manage everything in a single app.

3. RSSOwl

RSSOwl also takes more of an Outlook-style approach and may remind you of many Windows XP apps. It’s one of the best RSS readers for Windows simply for its powerful search features. Assign tags to quickly find anything. You can even perform searches within the app and save those as separate feeds for easy access.

Best Rss Reader For Windows Rssowl

The best part is everything is free. There aren’t any limitations. While you can donate if you like, you’re free to use RSSOwl as much as you want for free. With notifications and a save feature, it’s easy to see why this reader is still so popular.

4. Awasu

Awasu is more advanced than other RSS readers for Windows. While the free version allows you to create up to 100 channels, they only update every hour. There are many more limitations as well. While it’s free, it makes a great basic feed reader, though it’s not nearly as intuitive as some of the other options on this list.

Best Rss Reader For Windows Awasu

However, if you’re looking for a more professional and powerful reader, upgrading to the Advanced ($35) or the Professional ($95) may be worth it. Overall, these are geared more towards businesses, though individuals would benefit as well.

5. SharpReader

Best Rss Reader For Windows Sharpreader

SharpReader is a solid RSS reader for Windows. It’s the most basic reader on the list, but if you want feeds that load surprisingly fast, it’s a good option. Once again, the interface is rather dated, and it can be a little tricky to add feeds sometimes. However, once you’re set up, it’s easy to refresh feeds whenever you want, adjust the windows to the sizes you want, and organize feeds into folders. It is extremely basic, but it is free.

Online Only: Feedly

Best Rss Reader For Windows Feedly

If you don’t want to download anything, access Feedly on Windows through any browser. It’s easy to create feeds, organize them, and stay up to date on everything you like to read online. There are also mobile apps to keep you connected. Plus, it’s constantly being updated, unlike some of the options on this list.

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  1. Hum. RSSOWL have’nt been updated for years and have been replaced by its fork: RSSOWLNIX
    Awasu have’t been updated since… 2018.
    SharpReader since… 2006.
    Omea Reader since… 2016
    You certainly forgot QuiteRSS.

    1. Definitely forgot QuiteRSS. It’s being actively maintained and is quite useful in terms of features.

  2. While updates for the sake of updates is a popular viewpoint which I don’t abide by, 2016 and 2018 are getting long on the tooth. 2006 should not have been even considered.

    But ditto Serge: You forgot QuiteRSS. Full featured. Development is active. Latest update, April 2020. Portable version is available. Cross platform Qt5Webkit. I’ve been using it for years.

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