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Windows has always been a customizable operating system. You can change the wallpaper to your liking or use any third-party theme to change the mood. If that is not enough, you can install Rainmeter and do away with all your needs for customization. You can apply new skins via the Rainmeter application and completely change the look of your Windows OS home screen. Here, we show you seven beautiful Rainmeter skins you could try.


For those who want to keep things minimal, you can try out the FLHUD Rainmeter skin. It is one of those themes that makes things easier for you if you spend a lot of time on your desktop or PC.

Flhud Best Rainmeter Skin

There is a customizable bar widget, which you can place anywhere on your home screen, preferably on top. The good thing about this top-bar widget is that you can add customizable hyperlinks. Simply link all your most-used websites in the widget, and within seconds, you are onto your favorite website.

Moreover, there is a Spotify visualizer as well, which works without any issues and gives your desktop the much-needed music vibe. Then there is the date and time widget, which is pretty sleek, in my opinion. Notably, you can also hide the taskbar in order to add more widgets. Overall, FLHUD is a brilliant Rainmeter skin to start with.

2. Ageo

If you are a fan of a material look, then Ageo is probably the best material Rainmeter skin you should try.

Ageo Rainmeter Skin

It treats you with a sleek music player on the home screen, along with a date, time, and weather info widget, which is highly customizable. There is a running widget that feeds you with motivational quotes so that you jump-start your day with a positive mindset.

There is a hugely customizable dock, which is similar to one found on macOS. Even though the Ageo Rainmeter skin provides you with several options and widgets, it is not resource hogging.

3. The Gemini Suite

The Gemini Suite Rainmeter skin is for the gaming enthusiast who wishes to see every piece of information about their CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. on their home screen. There is a storage widget right in front along with a date and time widget.

The Gemini Suite Best Rainmeter Skin

Interestingly, The Gemini Suite skin is apt for gamers because there is a widget that allows you to add your choice of games and apps. On top of this, you can integrate your Steam account to instantly open and play games.

The wallpaper is embedded with the skin, and it looks pretty great considering it tries to give you a gamer’s vibe. There are other gaming tools also available, accessible with one click.

4. IronMan – Jarvis

Ironman fans out there, this one is just for you. The IronMan – Jarvis Rainmeter skin is meant to give you the feel of being inside the Ironman suit, where you get your own J.A.R.V.I.S powered computer.

Ironman Jarvis Skin

The skin is super customizable, and all the elements of this IronMan – Jarvis skin can be repositioned and adjusted according to your convenience. Some of the included widgets are Clock/Date, Hard disk capacity and Temperature details, RSS feeds, etc.

There are also shortcuts to the system folders, meaning you can link any of your favorite folders you want quick access to. Interestingly, it emerges from the ARC Reactor core, just like what Ironman has for his heart.

5. Senja Suite

Want to get your desktop basics right? Then Senja Suite skin is arguably the best Rainmeter skin for you to try. The skin is lightweight and does not eat up your resources.

Senja Suite Rainmeter Skin Best

Apparently, it takes care of all the basic elements you should have on your desktop home screen. But the good thing about Senja Suite is it is great at doing those basic jobs, without cluttering the home screen with multiple options.

It displays time, a user profile button with an expandable bar for system folder shortcuts, a slideshow of pictures, etc. Additionally, there is media information that includes control buttons and shutdown/restart/log off buttons.

6. Big Sur

Are you a fan of macOS Big Sur widgets yet you’re using a Windows computer? Big Sur is a skin that adds a bunch of widgets to your home screen, replicating Big Sur.

Big Sur Skin

The widgets include a music player control, system settings, calendar, to-do list, clock, calendar, weather, volume and brightness toggles, and more. With the latest update, the devs have included better fonts, an experimental “Smart Stack” panel with scrolling, an improved world clock, etc.

Further, you get all the latest information and news articles right on your desktop. So you do not need to search for the latest news when you start your day.

7. Moderate

Moderate Rainmeter skin is the best Android-like skin that offers you a user interface similar to your Android device. It has a taskbar right at the bottom, which looks brilliant.

Material Skin

It has a launcher, along with a quick-settings toggle, music controls, and more, with everything available on the home screen. This skin will be more functional if you have a touchscreen laptop.

The time, date, and weather information are shown on the bottom bar. There is a system turn on/off button to the left and volume and settings button on the right of the bottom bar. Overall, with less clutter, the skin is a solid one if you are looking for material skin.

Wrapping Up!

Although there are several other Rainmeter skins available for you to choose from, these are our recommendations and skins that have been used personally. If you are new to Rainmeter, don’t forget to check out our Rainmeter getting started guide and reap all the good things offered by it.

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