4 of the Best Quick Settings Apps for Android

In Android, the notification shade shows all your recent notifications and hosts a number of different quick settings toggles. As such, the notification drawer is one of the most useful and used parts of Android. Though the vanilla notification shade is pretty good and gets the job done, for the most part you can replace it entirely or enhance it by adding custom quick settings options. These are some of the best quick settings apps to customize the Android notification shade.

1. Quick Settings, Toggle & Control Panel for Android

Depending on how big your Android smartphone is, accessing the notification shade by swiping down from the top can be a bit awkward. Using the Quick Settings Control Panel, you can add the quick settings panel with a wide range of toggles either to the bottom-right or bottom-left corner of the screen. When you want to toggle a setting, all you have to do is swipe from the bottom corner and tap on the option.


Of course, you can easily which corner the quick settings panel appears in and what toggles appear in the quick settings panel. If need be, you can also configure the app to show a quick settings bar on the lock screen. The app is completely free and is ad-supported.

2. Bottom Quick Settings

As you can tell from the name itself, Bottom Quick Settings lets you access the notification shade by swiping from the bottom of the screen. Just like the above app, Bottom Quick Settings is perfect for one-handed operation on big smartphones. You can choose from over forty different quick settings, and, if needed, you can add custom URL or app settings to the quick settings menu. Other than the quick toggles, the app also lets you control all notifications.


Additionally, you can customize the quick settings panel to your heart’s content using specific colors or dynamic notification colors. If your device is rooted, you will also be able to toggle secure system settings.

Do keep in mind that though the app is free, some options and features are locked behind the paywall. You can unlock them via a $2 in-app purchase.

3. Power Shade Notification Bar Changer

Power Shade Notification Bar Changer is a very simple, yet awesome, little app. Once installed, the app not only gives you access to a wide range of quick settings and toggles but also lets you customize the notification drawer to meet your taste and preference with different colors and layout options.


Since the app is hugely inspired by Android P’s notification shade, it lets you reply to messages directly from the notification itself and group all notifications from a single app into one bundle. Additionally, you can snooze or dismiss notifications and even mark them as read with a single tap. On rooted devices, you can change system settings via quick toggles.

The app is free but some features like layout options need an in-app purchase to unlock.

4. Simone Quick Settings

Simone Quick Settings makes use of the TileService API that is available on Android 7+ to add custom quick settings tiles to the system notification shade. After installing the app, all you have to do is select all the toggles or settings you’d like to have quick access to. Once that is done, tap on the Pencil icon in the notification shade and drag and drop the quick settings you need to the top. Currently, the app supports over fifty different quick settings options.


If you are looking to enhance the functionality of the already available Android system notification drawer, then Simone Quick Settings is a good place to start.

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