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In Android, the notification shade shows all your recent notifications and a number of different quick settings toggles. As such, the notification drawer is one of the most convenient and frequently used parts of Android. Though the vanilla notification shade is pretty good and gets the job done, some users may want to to replace it entirely or enhance it by adding custom quick setting options.

This article shows you how you can do that by outlining some of the best quick settings apps that allow you to customize the Android notification shade.

1. Bottom Quick Settings

Price: Free / $1.99

As you can probably tell from the name itself, Bottom Quick Settings lets you access the notification shade by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

Users can customize their new quick settings by choosing which shortcuts should be added to the bar. For example, one can add toggles for enabling developer mode, playing audio, or for activating Shazam. Users can also include different sliders in their quick settings, including media volume, ring volume, notification volume and more.

Best Quick Settings Apps Android Bottom Quick Settings

Additionally, it’s possible to customize things even further by using specific colors or dynamic notification colors, although some of these features are hidden behind a paywall. What’s more, if your device is rooted, there are even more options to explore. For example, reboot to bootloader or restart the system UI.

You’ll need to grant Bottom Quick Settings permission to overlay the other apps so that you can access your new Quick Settings whenever you want.

2. Power Shade

Price: Free / $4.99

Power Shade is a very simple, yet awesome little app. Once installed, the app not only gives you access to a wide range of toggles, but also allows you to customize the notification drawer according to your tastes and preferences using different colors and layout options.

With Power Shade Notification Bar Change, you can easily change the shape of the toggles in your quick settings. And if you’re willing to pay for the Premium version, you can even modify the tile grid.

Best Quick Settings Apps Android Bottom Power Shade

The app draws inspiration from Android P’s notification shade, so it includes options to reply to messengers directly from the notification itself and groups all the notifications from an app in one bundle. Additionally, you can snooze or dismiss notifications and even mark them as read with a single tap.

3. Simone Quick Settings

Price: Free

Simone Quick Settings lets you easily expand your quick settings toggle collection. After installing the app, all you need to do is browse and select all the toggles you’d like to have quick access to. Just tap on them in the app so that you can activate them.

Best Quick Settings Apps Android Simone Quick Settings

Drag down the notification shade by swiping down on your screen, and tap on the Pencil icon to see all the new toggles that have been added to the list of options. Drag and drop them to the quick settings on top. If you’re just getting started with enhancing your quick settings experience, then the Simone Quick Settings app should be just up your alley.

4. Shortcutter

Price: Free / $1.99

Shortcutter is an app that can add a secondary quick settings panel in the right part of the display. You get to select the toggles you want to have in your quick settings from the available lists as well as app shortcuts for greater convenience.

Shortcutter also allows users to customize their icons’ appearance including color, shape and size, but do note that some of these features are part of the app’s Premium package.

Best Quick Settings Apps Android Bottom Shortcutter

There’s the option to add extra toggles for the standard quick settings, as well as pin different shortcuts on the home screen. The app requires a few permissions to work, but once you’ve granted them, it’s pretty easy to start modifying your quick settings.

If you want to keep customizing your Android, then perhaps you would be interested to learn how to make live and video wallpapers on your phone or how to hide notifications on your lockscreen.

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