4 of the Best Productivity Apps for iOS


This year is very challenging for many people due to the pandemic, but setting goals when setbacks occur can be a great way of traveling the road to recovery. Also, for many people who by and large continue living a relatively normal life, the change in lifestyle due to social distancing and other restrictions globally means it’s an ideal time to define a new goal or start a new hobby – but you’ll need the right toolkit. Here are some of the best productivity apps for iOS.

1. (Apple) Reminders

Just because an app is default on your device doesn’t mean it’s not outstanding. This is especially true with Apple. The California company is famous for the quality of apps that come free with every device, and Reminders is a terrific example of this. The app is easy to use to set reminders, flexible enough to customize reminders to your particular needs – such as making lists for personal and/or professional productivity tasks like shopping, study or work – and allows you to link reminders to certain events, such as when you’re messaging someone or in a particular location. This helps make every task even easier to recall and keep track of.

Ios Productivityapps Applereminders

2. Minimal

Minimal has a sleek design and powerful offerings. Alongside the features found in other notes apps like the ability to insert headings and create to-do lists, Minimal also makes it seamless to do more complex tasks, like the ability to publish a note you write as a website. This feature allows you to quickly create a live link of your note you can share with anyone you like, which is a super-handy feature if you’re needing to send info to people across a variety of communication mediums like email and SMS.

Ios Productivityapps Minimal

3. Todoist

Of all the apps on this list, Todoist is the most comprehensive. Its easy collaboration features will appeal to anyone seeking an app with professional or business goals in mind. You can use the app as a to-do list to plan your whole life and schedule in combination with a number of integrations like Apple Calendar, Gmail, Slack and more. Its rave reviews from critics and customers alike affirm it’s definitely an app worth trying if you haven’t done so.

Ios Productivityapps Todoist

4. Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time-tracking app for tracking9 daily individual tasks, as well as more complex processes like team tracking. For many people who try out Toggl Track, it can be a revelation to learn just how much time they spend on particular tasks from one day to the next. This app has fans among the freelance community, particularly from professionals, such as programmers who often charge by the hour and desire an easy but informative app to track their productivity. All up, Toggl can help make you more efficient in the tasks you’re already doing and help free up time for tasks you want to do!

Ios Productivityapps Toggltrack

Using These Four Apps Together

When you make use of these four productivity apps for iOS, you will have a quick reminders app, easy web publication app, comprehensive life planner, and time tracker to use each day in chasing your dreams. This is a fantastic toolkit for building day by day on your goals and plans.

If you need more functionalities, try out some of the best widgets for iOS. In addition, check out these useful calendar apps, too.

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Ed Kennedy is a journalist and ghostwriter from Melbourne, Australia. A keen technologist passionate about all things digital, Ed also holds a background in public policy and law. When not at his desk Ed spends time with family, running, and reading.

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