The Best Positive Spotify Podcasts to Lighten Your Day

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Featured

Bad days happen to everyone, but what if picking a few positive podcasts on Spotify could lighten your day? Whether you need an uplifting dose of positivity, some motivation to find your inner happiness or just a good belly laugh, there’s a podcast for that. Start your day off right or chase away the mid-day dark clouds with any of these positive podcasts on Spotify.

1. Happy Headlines

The constant barrage of bad news wreaks havoc on your mental and physical health. Lighten your day by focusing on the positive with Happy Headlines. Host David Beach gives you good news daily in less than three minutes. You even get new episodes on weekends. While it’s a super short podcast, it may just help you remember that there is some good in the world.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Happy Headlines


  • Only focuses on happy headlines versus negative and tragic news stories
  • Short episodes make it easy to listen no matter how busy you are
  • New episodes daily


  • Episodes only range between two and three minutes

Tip: once you find some podcasts you like, you can share a collaborative playlist with your friends so that they can enjoy the same great episodes.

2. Bananas

One of the best positive Spotify podcasts to help you forget whatever’s bringing you down is Bananas. Scotty Landes and Kurt Braunohler do a great job of telling you the latest, weird, exciting, and hilarious stories. And yes, the crazy stories are true news stories, such as a town canceling fireworks because of a walrus and a school bus driver taking kids to the wrong state. Between the banter and special guests, you’ll be too busy laughing and scratching your head to worry about anything else.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Bananas


  • New episodes every few days
  • Always fascinating stories
  • A humorous approach to the weird things people do every day


  • Some stories are adult in nature and NSFW

3. TED Talks Daily

Feel inspired and motivated by some of the world’s top leaders, thinkers, and creatives with TED Talks Daily. Every weekday, you get a new episode of insightful content. Hearing stories about overcoming impossible odds, getting advice for beating obstacles in your path, and viewing the world differently are great ways to lighten your day. Plus, you’ll always leave knowing something new and thought-provoking.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Ted


  • Drastically different episodes each day
  • Incredible insights, relatable stories, and motivating takeaways
  • Tackles complex subjects in a positive way


  • Episode lengths vary greatly

Tip: if you aren’t happy with Spotify, try these Spotify alternatives.

4. Netflix Is a Daily Joke

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when life feels anything but funny. Netflix Is a Daily Joke is one of the best podcasts on Spotify for a good laugh every day. These short episodes feature a single joke from a Netflix comedian. Sure, it’s just a quick burst of comedy, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Plus, it’s a nice variety and may help you find your new favorite Netflix comedy special.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Netflix


  • Features a wide variety of comedians
  • New episode every day
  • Quick episodes (1 to 10 minutes) that fit into any schedule


  • Only features comedians that have been on Netflix
  • You may prefer longer episodes

5. The Good News Podcast

The Good News Podcast is uplifting. Three times a week, this podcast highlights a few feel-good news stories. If you feel like humanity has reached new lows, this may remind you that there’s still some good in the world. I’d suggest listening to this one and Happy Headlines since they’re both short. Plus, more good news is a great way to lighten your day.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Good News


  • Only good news stories
  • Short episodes make it easy to listen to alongside other uplifting podcasts
  • Three new episodes every week


  • Episodes are usually under five minutes

Tip: yYou can change your Spotify username, email, or password at any time.

6. Happier With Gretchen Rubin

Happier With Gretchen Rubin isn’t just one of the best podcasts on Spotify but one of the world’s top positivity and happiness podcasts. Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project, and her sister Elizabeth Craft tackle the hard question of how to be happier. Instead of just telling you to feel better, she gives you honest, actionable advice on how to live a happier life and overcome what’s holding you back. It’s a surprisingly happy podcast that leaves you feeling better each time you listen.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Happier With Gretchen


  • Well-researched, actionable advice
  • Helps you build a happier lifestyle
  • Tackles complex subjects in a positive way
  • Available two to three times a week and includes both long and short segments


  • May feel too self-help for some listeners
  • Some topics take a more serious turn

7. LeVar Burton Reads

Remember that soothing feeling of being read to as a child? Get that same comfort as an adult with LeVar Burton Reads. Yes, LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow reads you short stories to help ease stress and make your day at least a little better. Sure, you could listen to audiobooks, but Burton has a special talent for making you feel wrapped up in a warm blanket without a care in the world.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Levar


  • Wide variety of short stories from mainstream and classic authors
  • Episodes run from 30 to 60 minutes
  • New story each week


  • You may not like every story
  • Episodes may be too relaxing for listening to while driving

Good to Know: you can hide your listening activity if you don’t want others to see the podcasts you’ve been enjoying.

8. Good Life Project

Trying to live a good life when things are hard isn’t always easy. That’s what the Good Life Project podcast is all about: helping you see the good in your life no matter what’s going on. This uplifting self-help podcast has expert guests from most every industry to provide inspiring stories and well-researched advice. While conversations can sometimes drone on longer than they should, overall, it’s a great mood booster.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Goodlife


  • Get expert advice on living a good life from a variety of guests
  • New episodes a few times a week
  • Episodes are roughly one hour long for in-depth insights


  • The host tends to interrupt often, making conversations seem longer
  • Some episodes feel more serious and less uplifting at times

9. Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me

Comedians + quiz show = a podcast you have to listen to. What’s great about Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me is that not only do you hear comedians’ takes on quiz show questions, but you get to learn something at the same time. Think of it as Jeopardy, but with a much more hilarious twist. Episodes vary greatly in length, so it’s hard to know what to expect, but this just means enjoying longer episodes when you have time or shorter ones when you’re in a rush.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Wait Wait


  • Wide variety of comedians
  • Fun celebrity guests
  • Learn something new and laugh at the same time


  • Random schedule, but usually once or twice a week
  • Random episode lengths

Good to Know: you can create a podcast playlist on Spotify with all of your favorites.

10. Something You Should Know

One of the best podcasts on Spotify to lighten your day is Something You Should Know. Each episodes focuses on some small way to improve your life. It’s not just focused on one area, though. Everything’s on the table, from finances to relationships and everything in between. The idea is that you get short, actionable advice you can implement. Just that little bit of improvement does wonders for your mood.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Something


  • Host Mike Carruthers does a great job at interviewing expert guests
  • Covers a wide variety of areas
  • Advice is short and uncomplicated
  • New episodes every 2 to 3 days


  • Short advice comes in longer form episodes of up to an hour

11. My Brother, My Brother and Me

Hate Mondays? Lighten the first day of the week with My Brother, My Brother and Me. This comedy podcast highlights everyday problems we all face, like what does a sealion in a dream mean or what’s the right answer to the popular ’90s question, “What’s up?” Sure, there are some more serious and adult themes at times, but they’re hilarious as the McElroy brothers use their unique brand of wisdom to solve any problem.

Best Podcasts On Spotify To Lighten Your Day Brother


  • Every episode is a grab bag of random questions
  • New episodes every Monday
  • The interplay between the brothers is just as funny as the wisdom given


  • Some episodes have more adult topics, so it might not be right for everyone

How Can I Find Even More Podcasts to Lighten My Day?

As you listen to more uplifting podcasts, Spotify will recommend similar options. You can also try podcast search engines to search by keyword, category, and even community-created lists.

A few options to try include:

You can also check out these mental health podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Spotify Premium to listen to podcasts?

No. You can listen to podcasts for free on Spotify. However, you can’t download them for offline listening, and you’ll have to deal with some ads. If this isn’t an issue, there is no reason to upgrade.

And, if you ever decide to leave Spotify, none of these podcasts are Spotify exclusive, so you can find them on most major podcast platforms and services.

Why aren't podcasts playing?

This is usually an app issue. Try closing and reloading the app. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. If you’re using the web player, try these troubleshooting steps.

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