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Any decent password manager should do two things for any iOS user. First, it should store passwords securely beneath tight security protocols. And then, it has to kick in when autofill is needed on any online form. With user expectations rising, a capable password manager for iOS is also expected to sync across devices and operating platforms seamlessly.

There are plenty of password manager apps in the App Store, but only a handful of them are genuinely useful. With that said, we present to you the five best password managers for iOS.

1. 1Password

A staple of the Apple community for some time now, this app starts with enabling its users and subscribers to store passwords, credit card details, addresses, and other types of data. 1Password employs AES 256-encryption and can be unlocked with Face ID and Touch ID. Possibly the most remarkable feature of the app is the customizable password generator.

Password Managers Ios 1password

Complex passwords can be created when needed yet never need to be remembered, as they are safely stored within 1Password. Free trial periods are available, with the top-end version priced at only $2.99 (when paid annually). The app comes with Apple Watch support, enabling users to view passwords on their wrist. It also facilitates password sharing, a useful feature for families and teams.

Great for beginners, 1Password will probably be the only password keeper anyone will employ. It isn’t outdone on features by other apps, having a reliable, easy build to it that has been battle-tested.

2. Dashlane

Next, we have another incredibly popular name in the Apple community. Dashlane is a highly reputable password manager that has been around for many years now. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that Dashlane is much more than an iOS password manager.

Password Managers Ios Dashlane

First and foremost, we have to praise Dashlane’s clean and modern interface. This application is a joy to use, no matter which platform you employ it. It keeps an unlimited number of passwords stored using the highest possible level of commercially available encryption. Then, it also lets you create strong passwords, change compromised passwords, and logs you in to your online accounts using Face ID or Touch ID.

Aside from offering a password manager, you also get a VPN (for protecting your online anonymity). Dashlane also gives you 2FA logins with TOTP apps, USB tokens, and biometric scanners. It even includes identity theft protection (in the US only). Lastly, you can get started for free (for up to 50 passwords) or unlock the app for only $3.99 per month.

3. NordPass

NordPass comes from the creators of NordVPN, one of the most popular premium VPN solutions available today. This company knows how to protect your sensitive and personal data, visible through all their apps. With that said, know that NordPass is perhaps the youngest recommendation on this list of the best password managers for iOS.

Password Managers Ios Nordpass

Despite its young age, NordPass has a lot to offer. You get to store an unlimited number of passwords using encryption called XChaCha20 (incredibly secure). Then, you get two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as secure password sharing. The app works incredibly smoothly, integrating with any operating system it runs on, and that applies to iOS and iPadOS as well.

With NordPass, you can easily import your passwords and sync them across platforms. It also works great with notes, credit cards, and other types of sensitive data. Lastly, you also get password auditing and data breach monitoring. Many of those features are free to use (on a single device). If you wish to upgrade your experience, NordPass will cost $4.99 per month.

4. Enpass

Enpass enables storage of personal and financial information, as well as other types of data. It has a choice of customizable templates that require users to enter specific information for any given login. This high level of customization is something that only Enpass can deliver, making the application suitable for more advanced users.

Password Managers Ios Enpass

In terms of features, Enpass lets you attach files of any type (in a secure way) and lets you share that data with others (when and if needed). As you can expect, this app can also create strong passwords, help you replace compromised or weak ones, and warns you if your personal data gets exposed on the Web.

Enpass is also a desktop app. The app can employ a user’s preferred cloud computing facility (iCloud/Google Drive/Dropbox) in syncing across devices. Storage options for cloud or local are at a user’s discretion. Finally, know that you can start using Enpass for free (for a limited number of passwords) or unlock the app for only $2.00 per month (when paid yearly).

5. mSecure

mSecure is a little bit cheeky at a current $29.99 (often reduced to $19.99) for a one-off upgrade, but it still provides a tremendous value for its price. As an iOS password manager, the free version comes loaded as well. The app does have some features its loyal fans are willing to pay for. With over a dozen templates and a simple, fast entry online with the app at play, mSecure is designed to be quick and easy.

Password Managers Ios Msecure

Users find a particular value in the ability to customize lists and tagged favorites. They can also stash data in special folders sorted by types, dates, and similar. With the “Pro” upgrade version, extensive customization of templates is possible. There’s also syncing, backup, restoring, Touch or Face ID, and support for Apple’s smartwatch. Securely encrypted and enjoyable to use, this is an excellent all-rounder that gives ample customization as a given.

Loyal users choose it because they prefer greater control over how their passwords are selectively stored in a custom vault. As a password manager for iPhone, it has the same snug feeling as 1Password – yet it brings a more affordable price.

Wrapping Up

The above are the five best password managers for iOS. We hope that we’ve helped you pick an app aligned with all your needs. And if you’d like to expand your options, check out the best password managers for every other platform, or take a look at the best free-of-charge password managers.

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  1. Absolutely Bitwarden is good gear. I had to choose from such a host… Here’s an interesting user blog on LastPass vs Bitwarden too https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/migrating-to-bitwarden

  2. There are Mac/iOS variants of KeePass available also. Have been using this password manager for the last 13 years.

  3. Really? I’m going to check it out now. For me, the less I have to do with a password manager the better. One click please haha! Or two or three…. but no complicated UX for me! I’ll look at KeePass now.

  4. I’m using iPassSafe over 5 years now.
    Works great, very safe, use Touch ID, iCloud , Dropbox,
    Auto fill password to safari, for me life saver, and no subscription

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