7 of the Best Online Diagramming Software in 2020

Featured Best Online Diagramming Software

There are many brilliant diagram software tools to help you realize anything you can imagine. Even if you aren’t a skilled artist, such tools can help you create beautiful visuals that will definitely make an impact. The following hand-picked list of online diagramming software cover all your illustration needs, and each one gives amazing results.

As they strictly work with browsers, none require installation, and they operate system-agnostic. Some of these tools are premium, but most are free to use. We have covered both varieties of software to give you the best online diagramming software for 2020 and beyond.

1. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a popular online diagram tool for flowcharts, taskboards, wireframes, timelines, Gantt charts, idea-brainstorming, and much more from the library. The software supports up to 100 beautiful templates absolutely free which can be customized in a million ways if there’s something unique you want to create.  

Diagram Software Lucidchart 1

Lucidchart provides a drag-and-drop interface to build your diagrams in collaboration with your team. The designs are very in depth and attractive, and you will find more useful features and templates in the premium version.


SOLIDWORKS is currently our top recommendation for best alternatives to AutoCAD. With unmatched 3D-modeling capabilities as well as support for 3D printing, there is so much to like about this software. It also has a command-line interface.

Recently, the design company behind SOLIDWORKS has migrated it entirely to the browser of your choice. Say good riddance to heavy installations and file management, as the cloud tool is lightweight enough to function on any Internet-enabled computer or tablet. (4 GB RAM should be sufficient.)

Diagram Software Solidworks Beta 1

In 3D mode, you can draw mechanical components, LCD mounts, and network diagrams. For plain line diagrams, there is an eDrawing mode. A “toggle multiple monitors” option allows you to work with more than one monitor. Do remember is a premium software, but if you already have an account, go for the online version. (Free trials are available.) There’s a reason it’s the favorite choice of engineers!

Diagram Software Solidworks Beta Designs

3. Creately

Now that we shared a “solid” recommendation for the engineers, let’s have some tools for us normal folk. Through a basic free plan, Creately lets you sign up with your Google account and draw a huge variety of 2D diagrams. It offers ready-made beautiful templates for concept maps, Venn diagrams, storyboards, action plans, decision matrix, engineering design, cluster charts, and much more.

The interface is simplistic and minimal, and it shouldn’t take long to navigate the chart items menus. The placement of many icons feels similar to Microsoft Visio.

Diagram Software Creately 1

If you’re not satisfied with the shapes available in the templates, use Creately’s built-in Google image search icon finder. This helps your designs become truly colorful and elegant. Whether you’re designing letterheads, flyers, or technical documents, Creately is full of exceptional features.

The only disadvantage with the software’s free plan is that the images you create will be saved as a public file.

Diagram Software Creately Shapes Online 1

4. SketchUp (Free)

If you’re looking for a free-to-use 3D-modeling tool, the free version of Sketchup may be your best choice. You can select entities to modify while using other tools or commands. It has a 3D warehouse feature, which allows you to design anything from colorful pillows, to 8’x12′ stages, and WrestleMania figurines. Indeed, there is an astounding variety of templates to work with. The only limit is your imagination!

Diagram Software Sketchup 1

To work for free with Sketchup, all you need is a simple registration.

5. Draw.io

Sometimes we need to draw something and there isn’t any time to register or create an account. With Draw.io, you get a lot of basic Visio-like functionalities directly at the link. Although somewhat limited in terms of shapes and sizes, the free software packs a punch with support for Android, Atlassian, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and many modern network designs.

Diagram Software Draw.io 1 1

If you have to make a client presentation on any technical topic, you will find all the helpful symbols you require in Draw.io.

6. Cacoo

Another team collaboration diagram software, Cacoo, also offers advanced diagram templates for almost any technical topic under the sun. Many of the interfaces offered by the program – such as an Azure server or an Android keyboard – feel extremely real. The tool is easy to use, and you can create and integrate it with external apps.

Diagram Software Cacoo 1

Cacoo only offers a 14-day free trial, but it is highly recommended because of its beautiful and elegant templates.

7. Diagram Editor

We will round off our list with another absolutely-free diagram tool. Diagram Editor is a little-known, no-frills diagram tool which does the job for the most basic of diagrams. Like Draw.io, you don’t need to create an account and can straightaway start creating your ideas on a Visio-like interface. It has a huge selection of technical icons like Azure, iOS, VMware Android, and also, simpler objects. You can save and export the files easily without having to spend too much time.

Other Notable Mentions

If you’re looking for a complete diagram software which covers multiple functionalities, Edraw Max, Visio, and SmartDraw are worth a look. They all have apps exclusively for the Web. You also may want to check Libre Office Draw and Gliffy, which have long been competitors of Microsoft products such as Visio.

A good diagram tool these days no longer requires expensive subscriptions, software integrations, or complicated techniques. This is a drastic change from many years ago, I remember having to struggle with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0, which was so difficult to work with for me. Now anyone can make a complicated diagram!  

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