Best Of Make Tech Easier 2011

Year 2011 is coming to an end and I hope that you have enjoyed our articles as much as we love writing them.

In case you have joined us only in the middle (or the later part) of the year, here is a recap of the most popular articles in year 2011.

1. 3 Ways to Install Applications On Android Without The Market

Several Android phones and tablets don’t come with the Android market installed, which means installing third party apps has become a difficult task. In addition, even with the market, there are some apps that are not available for your country and you can’t install them from the market. This is where an alternative method of installing apps come in handy. While we have highlighted 3 ways to install applications without the market, do check out the comment section too for more useful and innovative ways of installing applications.
Best Of Make Tech Easier 2011

2. Fedora 15 vs Ubuntu Natty Narwhal – The Battle for Your Next Desktop


Ubuntu Natty is the first version of Ubuntu to come with the unpolished and Best Of Make Tech Easier 2011restrictive Unity desktop, and many users are flocking away to alternative distro. At that time, Fedora 15 was released with Gnome shell as the default desktop manager. Even though a newer Ubuntu (Oneiric) has been released, this comparison article is still an interesting read.

3. Growly Notes Is The OneNote For Mac, And It Is Free

Mircosoft’s OneNote is a very popular app for note-taking and it is a hot-favorite among students. Unfortunately, there is no Mac version. Growly Notes is a free app that looks and functions just like the OneNote. You can create folders, tags and insert images, videos, content anywhere in the note. It may not be as feature-rich as OneNote, but it is definitely one of the best alternative for Mac users.

4. How to Transfer Contacts From Blackberry and Android to iPhone

Before the rise of Android, iPhone was dominating the World. Almost everyone was holding an iPhone on their hand while walking in the street or in the train. There is no surprise that plenty of people are looking for ways to migrate their contacts and address book over. Check out the article for the detail tutorial.

5. Browsers War: The Search For The Best Android Browser


The default Android browser is good, but it is not great. With plenty of browsers out there in the market, people tend to go to review site to check out which one is the best, so they can install it without having to check out every single browser themselves. In this article, we reviewed several of the most popular browsers in the market and listed down their pros and cons.

6. The Complete Guide to Set Up a Minecraft Server

Are you addicted to MineCraft? How about setting up and run your own MineCraft Server? Here’s the detail guide for you.

7. How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome has recently surpassed Firefox as the second most popular browser (behind IE) and with its huge number of users, plenty of them are looking for ways to make Chrome prettier and more beautiful. While there are many pre-built themes that you can apply, many people prefer to create their own. If you are one of those, this article is for you.

8. 17 Hidden Tips And Tricks For MIUI Android ROM That You Probably Didn’t Know


In my personal opinion, Cyanogenmod and MIUI are two of the best custom ROMs for Android. I tried MIUI once and it has been on my phone until now. If you are a MIUI fans, here are 17 hidden tips and tricks for you.

9. How to Enable/Disable Google Chrome Print Preview Feature [Quick Tips]

The Chrome Print Preview feature must be an annoying one that many people are looking for ways to turn it off. Here’s the tips.

10. How to Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Hotspot

The wireless hotspot function for iPhone 4 and above is not clearly visible to the users and some users find it confusing over the bluetooth and wifi and usb options. Here’s the clear explanation and steps to use your iPhone as a wireless hotspot.

So here you are, the most popular article of 2011. I am looking forward to 2012, what about you?


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