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The year is finally coming to a close and we are now getting ready to see what 2012 has in store. However, today we will take a look back at the best apps of 2011 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There have been many popular applications that were released or were a hit this year. The applications ranged from those geared toward photography to social media, and even one with both all in one app.

Best of Social Networking

1. Instagram

Instagram brings creativity to any iPhone user and any iPhone photo. With just a pick of a filter, you can turn a mundane photo into something akin to artwork. The social media integration also allows other individuals to appreciate your photos.

2. Facebook

Facebook for iPhone wasn’t the best application out there in its early days. However, the later part of 2011 was great for the application. The new interface makes the application a lot cleaner, and the sidebar provides for quicker access to profiles.

3. Google+

The Google+ application took a while in 2011 to reach iOS users. The Android users beat iPhone users to the punch on this one. But for many users, it was worth the wait. The Google+ application offers the full site in an iPhone friendly interface. I personally only have to go on the desktop when uploading large files.

4. Twitter

Twitter for iPhone wasn’t its best in its early users, but the social media website seemed to have hit a growth spurt during the later part of 2011. The new application now has a revamped interface known as Twitter Fly. The interface offers a simpler, better organized Twitter experience.

Best of Photography

1. Camera+

The native iPhone camera application is seen as too basic for many individual’s taste. Aside from some light editing, including enhancement, cropping, and redeye editing, you don’t have much to work with. Camera+ offers great editing features, filters, borders, and more. It’s the only camera application I need.

2. iMovie

If you have an iPhone 4S, then you most likely haven’t been taking as much advantage of the 1080p lying in your pocket than you should. The iMovie application brings on board video editing, allowing you to share amazing video to YouTube and social networking websites in a snap.

3. Postagram

Postagram offers a great complement to our other favorite application for 2011, Instagram. Postagram allows you to physically enjoy some of your Instagram photos for only 99 cents each. The photos, printed on high quality paper, are a perfect vacation memento or a wonderful, personal holiday gift.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

This free application offers great minor tweaks and improvements to already great photos. In other words, it may not be the application for the heavy photographer, but the average iPhone user will greatly appreciate it. Features like cropping and black and white offers the final touch to great photos.

Best of Games

1. Angry Birds

This two year old iPhone application has morphed into an App Store classic. This is why the whole Angry Birds series (Classic, Seasons, Rio etc), as one of the best iPhone game apps. It’s the game that some newly popular games base off of.

2. Temple Run

Temple Run is the highly addictive game that I thought was a great hit from the start. The objective is to go through an obstacle course, jumping over road cracks and more. Temple Run is now one of the top games on the app store, so if you haven’t heard of it, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

3. Charadium

The loners in your life would find some company with the Charadium application. This game allows you to guess the word based on the drawn image of others you play with online. When the word is guessed, you get a point. It’s a great time passer.

4. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump’s main objective is to draw the course that your character takes as it passes by various other hurtles. This is all while trying not to miss your step and fall to your death. Doodle Jump also has support for online multiplayer.

Best of Travel

1. FlightTrack Pro

This is one of my favorite travel applications out there. FlightTrack Pro offers a great hub for all of your travel information for your next trip. You have the ability to get any updates on your next flight, have airline emails forwarded here, and know when there are delays through push notifications.

2. Packing Pro

Who ever enjoys packing must not be avid travellers, because packing is one of the most put off activities in the whole travel trip. Have you ever considered having a packing assistant? Packing Pro is that application. The application gives you sample lists for what to pack, based on your upcoming trip so you can never forget anything.

3. UberCab

When you are leaving dinner with friends or arriving in your vacation spot, have you ever wanted to say “Let me call my driver”? UberCab allows you to do this. The application allows you to call a personal driver who can bring you from point A to point B in style at affordable prices.

4. TripColor

Capture your travel memories with Trip Color. The simple application allows you to share travel photos, text, and more by using templates made according to your travel theme. This keeps family and friends in the loop, without it being stressful.

Best of Productivity

1. Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to have your online life, in the cloud. Simply upload files onto the application, and they are easily accessable on the Dropbox website on your desktop. This is the top, free, iCloud alternative for any user.

2. Vlingo

For the iPhone 4 and 3GS users out there without Siri, this is the next best thing for getting stuff done through the voice. Vlingo allows you to send text and email messages, use maps, update your status, call, and do web searches with your voice. Is it better than Siri? Some may say no, but it’s the best alternative out there.

3. Remember the Milk

This is one of my favorite to-do applications available on the app store. It focuses on the content, not just the design, providing you with a productive application. In addition, with a small work around, you can even hook it up with Siri!

4. eTodo

What Remember the Milk lacks in design is what eTodo makes up for. The application categories your tasks into three easy to understand categories, providing you with the ability to know what to focus on.

Best of 2011…

Flipboard for iPhone

Flipboard is the chosen best application for 2011. The application just became available for iPhone a few weeks ago, but it’s a hit in our books. The application allows you to consume everything important to you online, in just one application. Your Twitter feed, Instagram, and favorite news sources are all available in one area. The interface uses the photos from these posts, providing for a classic magazine look. Best of all, this application is free!

Is your favorite apps in the list around? If not, share with us in the comments.

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