6 of the Best Nova Launcher Themes for Android

One of the great things about Android is how much you can customize it. An app that many Android owners use is Nova Launcher since it allows you to do things that your device’s original settings don’t. Nova Launcher is full of great features, but for some reason it lacks a “Themes” option.

Due to the lack of this option, users have no choice but to add their own icon packs and setups to give Nova Launcher their own personal touch. But which ones are with trying? Here are a few that you may like.

1. Voxel – Flat Style Icon Pack


If you want your icons to be colorful and flat, Voxel is definitely worth a try. With Voxel, you can count on more than 3,500 192 x 192 high-quality icons. There is also an icon library you can use, along with twenty cloud wallpapers.

The app is regularly updated, and it also features a material design dashboard. Voxel offers an option to add live wallpapers, but you’ll need to install another app for that.

2. Retro


The styles from the past always have a tendency of coming back. If you want to give your Nova Launcher a retro look, give the Retro icon pack a try. It supports various launchers such as Nova, Apex, ADW, GO Launcher, and more.┬áThe app also updates its wallpaper regularly so you won’t have to stare at the same wallpaper for too long.


The icon pack is compatible with Oreo, and if you’re not happy with the wallpapers, you can install a vintage wallpaper app to give the theme a more retro look.

3. Mia Gold – Icon Pack


Mia Gold will have your Android device shining with its gold wallpaper and app icons. This icon pack can support up to twenty-four launchers such as Nova, Next, Atom, Apex, Action, ADW, Smart, Action and more. You can also preview and crop the wallpaper before it’s applied.

Mia Gold features an icon request, and you can also choose from other non-gold wallpapers. You can even count on support for dynamic calendars for Nova and other launchers.

4. Rugos Free Icon and Wallpaper Pack


If you like your icons to have that wrinkly paper look, you’re definitely going to want the Rugon Icon Pack. It will give each and every one of your icons that wrinkle paper look and even slightly change the design.

The app also features 2,650 custom icons with a 256 x 256-pixel icon dimension. You can also choose from more than seventy-five cloud wallpapers, support for more than tewnty-five launchers, and support for Muzei live wallpaper, but the downside is that the icon request feature is not free.

5. Whicons White Icon Pack


With at least one million downloads, Whicons White Icon Pack will give your icons a huge makeover. The app icons will lose their border, and they will all be one shade of white. It offers 5,195 icons, cloud wallpapers, Dynamic Calendar icon support, and frequent updates.

Whicons supports launchers that include Apex, ADW, Aviate, Action, Go, Holo, CM Theme Engine, KK, Lucid, S, Solo, Smart, and TSF. The icons look best when used with one colored wallpaper, and it also has wrinkled paper wallpaper that will look great with the icon pack previous mentioned (with the same theme).

6. Glim – Free Flat Icon Pack


If you want your icons to have vibrant colors, Glim Free Icon Pack is a must. It gives the icons a splash of color that will make them easier to look at. The app comes with dock support and a lot of wallpapers to choose from, even black and white ones that will make the icons stand out even more.

The layout for this app is different from the others since it doesn’t have a hamburger icon to access settings but instead has tabs that divide the content.


Who said you had no choice but to look at those boring stock icons? With these apps you can finally add some life to your app icons. If you get bored with one style, you can always switch to another. Which one are you going to try first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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