The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Better Gaming

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The Nintendo Switch has been a major success for Nintendo. Its dual design as a home console and a portable unit means it fills a niche that consoles rarely manage to achieve. Of course, it’s not perfect; whether you want to move it safely or just want it to be more comfortable in your hands, it has its problems. Fortunately, the Switch’s success has opened the door to an array of great accessories that help you get the most out of the console. Here are the five best Nintendo Switch accessories that tackle specific issues people have with the console.

1. Orzly Carry Case

The Switch is a very travel-friendly console; it’s pretty much a home and portable console all wrapped into one. When you want to take it out and about, it can be tricky to ensure it doesn’t get bumped or scraped in transit.

Switch Accessory Case

This carry case by Orzly is a great companion for any avid traveler who doesn’t want to leave their video games behind. It comes with enough room to fit the console, some game cartridges, spare Joy-Cons, and the charging cable.

The case is designed to be compact, so it can slip easily into a bag. It even has a sturdy handle to port the console around for short distances.

2. HORI Compact Playstand

Switch Accessory Stand

The Switch already has a stand, but it’s not very high quality. If you want something that comes a bit closer to eye level, the HORI Compact Playstand is a great choice. This stand comes with three adjustable angles so you can get the best view. There’s even a small gap for the charger to fit, so you can charge the batteries while you game.

3. JETech Protective Case

Switch Accessory Protection

If you have larger hands, you may find it slightly painful to hold the Switch in portable mode. This protective case by JETech gives the console some additional grips to hold onto. It also (as you may have guessed from the name!) keeps the Switch safe from scratches and bumps.

4. PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock

It’s possible to get multiple sets of Joy-Cons for multiplayer games if you don’t feel like buying the Pro Controller. Unfortunately, the Switch console itself can only recharge one pair of Joy-Cons at a time.

Switch Accessory Dock

This charging dock by PowerA solves this problem. It’s a dock that can handle four individual Joy-Cons (that’s two pairs) at a time. Combined with the Switch’s own charging capabilities, you can top up three players-worth of Joy-Cons at the same time.

5. Orzly Switch Accessories Bundle

Switch Accessory Essentials

If you’ve just bought a Switch and need to kit it out, look no further than this lovely bundle of useful kit. It includes a carry case, a protective case, screen protectors, game cartridge case, a pair of headphones, a stylus, and some screen-cleaning equipment. All this comes at a very good price, so it’s a good way to get yourself started with your new console!

Switching Things Up

While the Nintendo Switch is a great console by itself, it’s not totally perfect. Thankfully, whatever grievances you have with it can be fixed with a third-party accessory designed to help solve that problem.

Which accessory do you want for your Nintendo Switch? Let us know below.

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