5 of the Best Music Player Apps for Android

Do you listen to music on your Android device whenever you get some time off your work? What apps do you use for playing the music? I bet you use the default music player that comes preloaded on all Android devices. While there is no harm using the default music app, there are other music player apps that come with extra functionalities. Here are some of the best music player apps for Android.


Google Play Music is Google’s very own music player that lets you listen to your music as well as the tracks available on the Internet. Not only does it let you do that, it has some predefined playlists containing some of the best songs for you to play on your device. No matter where you are in the world, your favorite music tracks will always be with you. As you play the music on your device, it learns your taste and provides you with the music suggestions that it thinks you would like to listen to.


Do you want a music player that supports almost all the audio formats that exist under the sun? Then you should consider the Poweramp Music Player app. It supports dozens of audio formats, so you can play your favorite tracks on your device, regardless of the format. It also comes preloaded with over ten equalizers for you to enjoy your music with. The deeper you dig, the more options you find to play around with your tracks.

The app costs $3.99, but it come with a 15 day trial.


If you are looking for a music player that plays great music and has a beautiful user-interface, doubleTwist Music Player is the one for you. It is one of the best looking music player apps, and it has a bunch of options for you to explore. It lets you manage your songs, create playlists, and supports iTunes sync as well.


What makes MP3 Player different is that it allows you to play and edit music in the app. With the built-in MP3 cutter tool, you will be able to cut a portion of your whole track and save it as an independent music file. Besides, it supports over a dozen file formats, has over five equalizers, a sleep timer, and home screen widgets.

It also supports lock-screen play, so you can control your music right from your lock-screen. The app is free, but it also comes with an MP3 Player Pro app that costs $1.66.


What distinguishes Rocket Music Player from the other apps is its ability to add tags to the songs that you have saved on your device. The next time you feel like listening to your favorite tracks, just hit up the tags and they will all be present on your screen. If you don’t like the default theme in the app, you can change it to a new one, as you have over thirty themes to choose from.

It provides other basic music features as well, such as creating playlists, equalizers, and so on. It can be obtained from the Google Play store at no cost, but you can unlock premium features for $3.99.

If you are fond of listening to music and would like to have some other options to listen to it than the default app allows, the above apps should provide you with some choices.