7 of the Best Mobile Apps to Add Text to Your Photos

Sometimes your photos need a little extra something before being shared on social media. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a funny in-joke for your friends, or just a flash of creativity, overlaying text on your photo can have a lasting impact.

Furthermore, adding text to your photos can lead to overlaying beautiful typefaces on your pictures that can take your graphic design skills up a notch without much effort. This can significantly increase your business’s exposure on social media platforms.

1. After Photo


Those of you who are budget conscious (aren’t we all?) will definitely want to install After Photo. This easy-to-use app features tons of fonts that are available straight off the bat, no need to pay to unlock different styles. The app also offers some basic photo-editing tools that allow you to customize the look of the text. The biggest drawback to After Photo is the fact that it is ad-supported. This means that you will be subjected to rather intrusive ads during use. Furthermore, After Photo is only available for iOS.

2. Quick


Do you want to overlay text on your photos and don’t have a lot of time to spare? Quick (Android, iOS) lives up to its name. Simply enter your text and place it over your photo. You can then cycle through the available fonts and colors. Quick is simple and intuitive, allowing you to add text to your photos in no time. Unfortunately, while Quick is free to use, it does add a rather sizable watermark in the bottom-right corner of your photo.

3. Phonto


The tag line of Phonto (Android, iOS) is “Text on Photos,” and that is exactly what it does. Phonto doesn’t concern itself with a bunch of other features or bog its users down with clunky extras. Instead, Phonto is a free, easy-to-use app that supports over 200 different fonts. What sets Phonto apart is the ability to install any font you want for use within the app.

4. PicLab


PicLab (Android, iOS) markets itself as a full-fledged photo-editing app. It features filters, stickers, textures, patterns and more to elevate your snaps. In addition to all this, PicLab has an extensive text overlay feature. The biggest advantage to PicLab over the others is the fact that you can create picture collages and can then overlay text onto them. Unfortunately, like Quick, PicLab adorns all of your creations with a watermark. However, you can remove the watermark with a small, one-time payment.

5. Font Candy


Font Candy (iOS) is another app that combines a whole range of photo-editing tools into one package. Users will find filters, stickers and animations, but what we’re concerned with are the fonts. Font Candy doesn’t boast the biggest font collection, but it does offer the ability to add shapes, symbols and emojis to create more eye-catching compositions. Unfortunately, the app also adds a watermark that reads “Made with Font Candy”. However the watermark is fairly small and isn’t terribly obtrusive.

6. Typorama


If you don’t have the eye, or the time, for design, then Typorama is for you. This iOS-only app (sorry Android users) “automagically” transforms your photos and text into impressive typographic designs. Users just select a photo and enter their text. Typorama then creates complex text layouts with different fonts and typefaces. Don’t like what Typorama comes up with? Simply tap to explore randomly-generated designs to create unique images.

7. Word Swag


Is your amateur photography a little lackluster? Don’t have the time to personally snap that pefect photo? Word Swag (Android, iOS) has you covered. In addition to a ton of different font styles, Word Swag also gives you access to hundreds of thousands of gorgeous photos. Word Swag draws upon the extensive picture library of Pixabay, one of the Internet’s largest stock photo providers. Users are able to browse these photos to use in their graphic design creations, free of charge. Unfortunately, some of the fonts and more advanced features require a credit card number.

What apps do you use to overlay text on your photos? Did we forget to mention your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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