5 of the Best Lyrics Apps for Android

There was a time when I heard a song that I liked so much that I couldn’t help but sing along, but there were parts of the song where I couldn’t even try and guess what they were singing. Let’s face it; it’s better to learn the lyrics of a song than to try and guess what the lyrics are.

There are various Android apps that will help you figure out what the singer is singing. With the help of any of these lyrics apps, you won’t have to hear the songs various times to be able to sing along.

1. Musixmatch Lyrics

One of the best lyrics apps for Android is MusixMatch Lyrics. The app will not only show you the lyrics to any song but will also offer various useful features. For example, by swiping down while in the home tab and clicking on the “View All” option, you can have any song translated into two languages and see both translations simultaneously.


It also features the floating lyrics feature where a pop-up window will appear when you’re watching a YouTube video¬†(for example) so you can sing along. With the Identify tab you won’t have to install Shazam since it can help you identify any song. The New Releases option will keep you up to date on all the new albums and songs that are released.

2. Genius – Song Lyrics and More

Genius also gives you the lyrics to any song, but with a little something extra. By tapping on highlighted lines, you can read annotations that tell you more about the song and the artist.


Genius also allows you to identify any song you’re listening to without having to install another app. Just tap on the button with the uneven lines at the bottom right to get the name of the song. With Music Stories you can read what went into creating the song and see who helped with its creation.

Swipe down in the Home tab and see which songs are trending. Tap on the image of the song you want to hear and watch the video while looking at the lyrics without having to leave the app.

3. Lyrically – Music Lyrics

A feature that Spotify users are going to like is that Lyrically can connect your Spotify account. When you find a song you want to listen to, tap on it, and you should see the option to hear the song on Spotify.


The app also supports other players such as Google Play Music, Rdio, Pandora, Deezer, and more! The app also allows you to continue to listen to any song while you browse other songs’ lyrics. Create your own playlist, share a song with any app on your device, and you can also see what other songs a particular artist sings.

4. Lyrics

While the other apps show you only one version of the lyrics, Lyrics can show you two. You can either choose to see the original version, or if the lyrics are too explicit, you can choose to see the clean version.


Lyrics supports players such as Spotify, Rocket Player, Pandora, Rdio, Play Music, Songza, Beats and more. By tapping on the Recently viewed option, you can go back to the lyrics you recently looked at for an easy find. The app has a simple and easy-to-understand design.

5. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania has all the lyric features you would expect, such as being able to search by artist, song, or album. It has a good-looking design and a song-identifying feature that will give you the name of any song on the spot. You can also have that song translated into various languages.


Just like the other apps, you can save all your favorite lyrics in your My Favorites folder and see which songs are the most popular in the Charts section. (You’ll need to go into the app’s settings to find these.) If you want to sing along with a song you’re hearing on Spotify, just exit the app, launch Lyrics Mania, and tap on the song identifying feature.


With any of these apps, you can finally sing along to any song, even if it’s the first time you’re hearing it. The days of having to guess the lyrics of a song are over, and you can now look like you’ve been listening to the song for ages. Which app do you think you’re going to try first?

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