5 of the Best Linux Dark Themes that Are Easy on the Eyes

Linux Themes

There are several reasons people opt for dark themes on their computers. Some find them easy on the eye while others prefer them because of their medical condition. Programmers, especially, like dark themes because they reduce glare on the eyes.

If you are a Linux user and a dark theme lover, you are in luck. Here are five of the best dark themes for Linux. Check them out!

1. OSX-Arc-Shadow

OSX-Arc-Shadow Theme

As its name implies, this theme is inspired by OS X. It is a flat theme based on Arc. The theme supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 desktop environments, so Gnome, Cinnamon, Unity, Manjaro, Mate, and XFCE users can install and use the theme. OSX-Arc-Shadow is part of the OSX-Arc theme collection. The collection has several other themes (dark and light) included. You can download the whole collection and just use the dark variants.

Debian- and Ubuntu-based distro users have the option of installing the stable release using the .deb files found on this page. The compressed source files are also on the same page. Arch Linux users, check out this AUR link. Finally, to install the theme manually, extract the zip content to the “~/.themes” folder and set it as your current theme, controls, and window borders.

2. Kiss-Kool-Red version 2

Kiss-Kool-Red version 2

The theme is only a few days old. It has a darker look compared to OSX-Arc-Shadow and red selection outlines. It is especially appealing to those who want more contrast and less glare from the computer screen. Hence, It reduces distraction when used at night or in places with low lights. It supports GTK 3 and GTK2.

Head to gnome-looks to download the theme under the “Files” menu. The installation procedure is simple: extract the theme into the “~/.themes” folder and set it as your current theme, controls, and window borders.

3. Equilux


Equilux is another simple dark theme based on Materia Theme. It has a neutral dark color tone and is not overly fancy. The contrast between the selection outlines is also minimal and not as sharp as the red color in Kiss-Kool-Red. The theme is truly made with reduction of eye strain in mind.

Download the compressed file and unzip it into your “~/.themes” folder. Then, you can set it as your theme. You can check its GitHub page for the latest additions.

4. Deepin Dark

Deepin Dark

Deepin Dark is a completely dark theme. For those who like a little more darkness, this theme is definitely one to consider. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of glare from the computer screen. Additionally, it supports Unity. Download Deepin Dark here.

5. Ambiance DS BlueSB12

Ambiance DS BlueSB12

Ambiance DS BlueSB12 is a simple dark theme, so it makes the important details stand out. It helps with focus as is not unnecessarily fancy. It is very similar to Deepin Dark. Especially relevant to Ubuntu users, it is compatible with Ubuntu 17.04.  You can download and try it from here.


If you use a computer for a very long time, dark themes are a great way to reduce the strain on your eyes. Even if you don’t, dark themes can help you in many other ways like improving your focus. Let us know which is your favorite.

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