11 of the Best Homescreen Launchers for Android

One of the best ways to personalize your Android phone, tablet or desktop is to download homescreen launchers. These customizable apps will completely change your device's default appearance and provide valuable features you would've never thought existed.

The following is a review of our top recommendations of Android homescreen launchers to suit every taste and functionality. Each app has between hundreds of thousands and millions of downloads on Google Play Store and a current rating of 4.5 or higher.

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1. Evie Launcher

If all you're looking for is superfast access to the apps, Evie Launcher is a straightforward way to get the best results. Featuring an infinite vertical scroll and search mode options, you quickly reach the app without any fuss. A long press opens app info, icon change, and uninstall options. Also with a long press, you can drag and drop as well as remove your favorite apps from the homescreen.

Android Launchers Evie

The search option doubles as a unit to fetch news, retrieve local results, and maintain a list of apps used most frequently. To summarize, if you have a very large number of apps on your device and want to get to them with minimal scrolling effort, give Evie a trial. It's completely free to use.

2. Launcher iOS 13

iOS experience on Android, why not? With Launcher iOS 13, you come awfully close to the real thing, and it can be a great replacement for those who recently switched from their Apple devices. A long press enables you to hide the apps and fetch any required info. In the homescreen settings you can add widgets, including Weather, Calendar, Batteries, and more.

Android Launchers Ios13

The only downside is that the launcher isn't ad-free when you want to tweak the settings a bit. However, the latest iOS replica on launch is soothing to the eye and contrasts with the neatly-placed apps.

3. WinX Launcher

Computer Launcher is a brilliant app to convert your phone or tablet into a Windows 10 interface and rearrange an Android PC into a Windows-style system. It comes feature-packed with all Windows features including Start menu, Cortana tray, Action Center, This PC, Recycle Bin, and System tray.

Android Launchers Computer Launcher

With this Windows-like homescreen launcher, you discover endless possibilities such as folder components which resemble a computer you use. If you have a large screen and external keyboard on your Android phone, you could easily switch into this computer-like arrangement for work.

Android Launchers Winx

4. Apex Launcher

One of the most customizable homescreen launchers, Apex Launcher comes with a full set of features. These include privacy features to hide and lock the apps with pattern and PIN. With a large number of custom apps and icons, you are never far from your ideal settings.

Android Launchers Apex

The launcher supports gesture control features such as a two-finger pinch, which opens up a range of advanced settings shown below. Indeed, you should consider Apex Launcher if you're looking for more ways to manipulate items on your screen.

Android Launchers Apex Two Finger

5. Nova Launcher

Another launcher supporting advanced gesture features, Nova Launcher lets you create custom commands based on swipe, pinch, double tap, or any other actions. You can freely position the app icons and widgets anywhere in the screen to get a more precise placement. The availability of a night mode and dark theme works greatly within the app drawer and individual app settings.

Android Launchers Nova

The only drawback of this superb launcher is that the most advanced features are only available in the premium version.

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6. XOS Launcher

A highly-rated app, XOS Launcher gives neat and elegant displays of all your existing apps while ensuring a range of DIY options for customization-lovers. It has beautiful fonts and color schemes and does not interrupt you with ads or make your phone screen hang suddenly. All the apps are divided into neat sections such as Google, XOS Family, Lifestyle, Social, Other, and more.

Android Launchers Xos

With a simple screen swipe, you run into more advanced gesture settings, new themes, widgets, and wallpapers.

Android Launchers Xos Advanced

7. Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 is an easy-to-use homescreen launcher with easy-to-use interfaces and an elegant appearance. Simply pull up to receive notifications and swipe down to go to the apps drawer. The apps are divided based on possible user intent and can be kept hidden. You can also create your own app categories. The launcher is compatible with Android Q service.

Android Launchers Poco

8. GO Launcher

Are you looking for a stylish yet minimal homescreen? GO Launcher just may be the perfect tool for you. It offers endless possibilities from over 1000 mobile themes, fast and smooth changing of app placement, and hide and lock features.

Android Launchers Go

With several cool themes, you can change the icons and text of the apps freely. You can create new folders anywhere, and the options will make your phone look amazing.

9. Microsoft Launcher

We already saw how useful it is to have a computer launcher app. Having Microsoft's official launcher is even better. Apart from organizing your regular apps, you get a single window interface of all official Android apps by Microsoft: Outlook, Edge, Skype, Bing, LinkedIn, Your Phone, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Xbox. The overall interface should make you office-ready in no time.

Android Launchers Microsoft

10. U Launcher Lite

Are you looking for an extremely lightweight launcher that consumes minimal load like the default launcher? U Launcher Lite comes with desired features such as speed booster and one-click leaning for smarter app management. It covers all the privacy-enabled features, such as hiding and locking apps, pinching and double tap. Most importantly, the app will not burden your resources.

Android Launchers U Launcher Lite

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11. Smart Launcher 5

We will round off this list with an app that supports greater control and flexibility along with elegant looks. Smart Launcher 5 comes with features such as automatic app sorting, ambient themes which match any wallpaper you use, an ultra-immersive mode to maximize the screen space, app protection with PIN, and gestures and hotkeys. This is indeed a smart one, as it is a complete homescreen app in all respects.

With your new Home screen launcher, learn how you can assign a Home screen on Android.

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