The Best Language Exchange Apps for Android to Easily Master Another Language

Learning a new language can be a real challenge. Depending on what language you’re learning, things can either be a little harder or a little easier. For example, if you already speak Spanish and you’re learning Italian, you won’t have such a hard time since the two languages are similar.

One insecurity you might have when learning a new language is if you’re pronouncing or writing the words correctly. Sure, you can use some online tools, but speaking directly to a native speaker is better. They can tell you things that no online tool can. Here are some apps that can get you in contact with a native speaker.

1. HelloTalk

One of the best apps out there if you want to practice the language you’re learning is HelloTalk. It’s a very easy to use app that will ask you some basic information to set up your profile. Once you’re done setting that up, you’re ready to talk to any native speaker.


The app features four tabs at the bottom: Talks, Moments, Search and Profile. In the talks tab you’ll find all the conversations you had with a native speaker. The Moment’s tab is just to post anything you find interesting about the culture of the language you’re learning about.

The Profile tab is self-explanatory, but the Search tab is the key to connecting with a native speaker. At the top you’re going to see a drop-down menu where you can search by Best Match, Online, Nearest and Self-Introduction.

Once you’ve started a conversation, you’re taken to your own chat where you can send various things. For example, you can send Emojis, pictures, doodles, voice messages and take pictures with your camera.

2. HiNative

Everyone has their own method of learning. If what you’re looking for is an app that will help you ask questions about the language you’re learning, HiNative is a great option. Unlike the previous app, HiNative only lets you ask questions and leave them to be answered by a native speaker.


In the Home tab you’ll see all the questions other users asked, and that’s where you’ll also see your question. When someone answers your question, all the answers are going to appear in the notifications tab.

When you want to ask a question, tap on the “Ask” button and choose the format of your question. You can make a choice between “How do you say this,” “Does this sound natural,” “Please show me example sentence with,” “What does this mean,” “What’s the difference” and a Free question.

3. Tandem

Tandem is another great option when you want to connect with a native speaker. After connecting you can then either Talk, Video Chat, or text them. You can also follow other users and write reviews about them.


If you don’t want just anyone to see your profile, you can filter your profile and select them by characteristics such as age or gender. You can upload various profile pictures and add what kind of topics you like to talk about.

The app only has three tabs: Community, Tutors, and Chats. In the Community tab you’ll see everyone who is a native in the language you’re trying to learn and anyone who is new in the community. The Chats tab speaks for itself, and in the Tutors tab you can find just that. Every tutor will have his or her own rates.

If any users have mistaken Tandem for Tinder and start bothering you, the app features a block button so they will leave you alone.


Most of the apps out there offer great ways to learn another language but don’t offer the option to speak to a native. If they do give you that option, you usually have to pay for it. These apps give you that option for free. What language are you trying to learn? Let us know in the comments.

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