6 of the Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Say what you will about everyone’s favorite legally dubious TV-streaming platform, but it’s great for choice. Whether you want to go legit with one of its numerous official addons or switch on your VPN, put on your black hat, and burrow into some of the unofficial channels, it has everything for your movie needs. So we’ve decided to put together the best official and unoffical Kodi movie addons and the repositories where you can find them.

1. Crackler


Repository: Official Kodi Repo

Sony’s purgatory of unwanted and unlicensed films contains more hidden gems in it than you might expect. Here you’ll find some genuinely good movies of yesteryear like Bad Boys II, Crash and Big Fish, as well as some surprisingly solid recent titles like Drive and The Rum Diary. It’s free, it’s legit, and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have it in your addon collection.

2. Plex


Repository: Official Kodi Repo

Plex doesn’t contain any of its own movies, but nonetheless it’s a must for those who like to manage all their existing streamable media from one convenient and oh-so-slick interface. The standard version of Plex is now free to use, so if you want to swap out the sometimes-confusing Kodi interface, you now can. User-friendly features include Library Organization, Recommendations from within your own collection, and even the option to share your library with Plex-using friends and family.

3. Netflix


Repository: alelec

The world’s foremost legal TV and movie platform has shied away from Kodi for a long time, presumably because it didn’t want to be tainted by its associated shadiness. But seeing that Kodi has picked up a fair bit of popularity over the years, it made sense to join them. In terms of content, it’s Netflix, so you probably know the deal – excellent exclusive shows and movies, some solid blockbusters, and a whole load of trashy hangover-watching content. We love it!

4. Covenant (unofficial addon)


Repository: Colossus

Exodus is Dead, Long Live Covenant! Yes, this similarly authoritative-sounding addon is the new generation of Exodus, the legendary website-scraping addon that provided Kodi users with untold hours of entertainment. Like its predecessor, it scrapes around fifty websites, and is made with the help of Lambda, the original creator of Exodus. This is unquestionably the most polished and content-filled movie addon for Kodi.

5. BENNU (unofficial addon)


Repository: Colossus

Coming in quite far behind Covenant is BENNU, the second-most popular Kodi addon for movies. For those of you who used Phoenix, this is essentially the new version of that. The reason it’s less popular could be down to its more complex interface, which isn’t very newbie-friendly. But come to grips with it, and you’ll find a wealth of HD streams with full surround sound. It’s very international, too, so if you want to watch Croatian daytime soap operas, you can.

6. Bob Unleashed (unofficial addon)


Repository: noobsandnerds

An evolution of the Bob Unrestricted addon, Unleashed streamlines and improves many of the features that were already good in its predecessor. The new server it’s moved to isn’t quite as fast as the original one, but they’re working on that, and the new Bob interface is replete with playlists, handy categories like “New Releases” and “New Shows” and things like Halloween categories and the option to search by actor.

With these Kodi addons for movies, you will now have more excuses to stay at home and glued to your TV. Enjoy!

Robert Zak
Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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