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It can be frustrating when Internet speed is not up to par as expected. Slow internet makes us less productive and wastes a lot of our time. It is always best to check the Internet speed to ensure your Wi-Fi speed meets the threshold. Here we go through some of the best Internet speed test apps for Android that you can use to check your Internet speed.

Before We Begin

Whenever we experience slow Internet speeds, we tend to call our Internet provider for assistance. And very cleverly, they will redirect you to an ISP-made Internet speed testing website. Notably, such ISP-made speed test websites or sponsored apps always return high download/upload speeds.

As such, it is always best to run the speed test at least three times and get the average reading. You should also use different Internet speed testing apps to get a better understanding.

If you prefer not to install any more apps on your Android phone, you can also make use of these speed test sites.

1. Fast Speed Test

Fast Speed Test is one of my personal favorite Internet speed test apps. It is a simple app with a simple user interface. All you need to do is open the app, and that’s about it. The app will check your Internet connection speed and show you the result. For your info, this app is owned by Netflix.

Internet Speed Testing Apps Fast.com

Hitting the “Show More Info” button gives you all the information about your Internet speed, such as latency uploaded/loaded, upload speed, client information, servers used, and your public IP address. Users can also save the speed results as records.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight app
  • No ads


  • Cannot manually select which servers to run the speed test on
  • Primarily focused on download speeds

2. SpeedTest by Ookla

When it comes to Internet speed test apps, SpeedTest by Ookla is the most popular around. SpeedTest by Ookla is the go-to app for many users checking Internet speed.

Speedtest Internet Speed Testing Apps

Though the app looks similar to the website, there are some key features embedded into the app. You can test your ping, download, and upload speed; the app keeps a record of the test results; you can perform a speed test from different servers; real-time graphs to show connection consistency; etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Detailed information
  • Offers an option to speed test from a different server location


  • Features can be overwhelming
  • Contains ads

3. SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master is another powerful Internet speed testing app available for Android devices. Apart from letting you test Internet speed, it also features a Wi-Fi detector, ping test, Wi-Fi signal strength, Wi-Fi channel analysis, and data usage.

Speedtest Master

In order to speed test, open the app and hit the Start button. Once completed, it will show details such as upload/download speed, ping, jitter, and data loss percentage. After every speed test session, an ad will pop up, which is kind of annoying.


  • Simple to use
  • Some additional features
  • Detailed information


  • Full of ads
  • Free version offers a limited number of speed tests

4. Simple Speedcheck

Simple Speedcheck is another Internet speed testing app that offers accurate results. The app features a clean user interface. Simple Speedcheck offers information about your Internet speed in the form of charts.

Simple Speedcheck

It shows you outright the connected Wi-Fi signal strength. Hit the Test button, and it will show you all the standard details. The app also keeps a track of all of your previous speed tests and tells you if you performed a speed test over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Ads are everywhere, but you can get rid of them by making a $2.49 payment.


  • Accurate speed results
  • Colored charts


  • Ads may ruin your experience
  • Some users claim this app runs in the background

5. Meteor

Meteor is a free speed testing app for those who are just looking for an app that can show them Internet speed test results. Meteor will show you information such as upload/download speed and ping. Notably, it can also show you how your Internet speed will work with the apps installed on your device.

Meteor Speed Testing Apps

App performance details are shown with clarity. You can also perform tests at multiple locations and compare the test results – for example: work, home, etc.


  • Yser interface is colorful
  • No ads
  • Unique app performance metric


  • None so far

Wrapping Up

You can make use of Internet speed testing apps to check whether your Internet connection is behind issues you have with any app. Meanwhile, you can also display Internet speed on the taskbar in Windows.

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