Best Instagram Stories Apps to Make Them Stand Out

Instagram Stories Apps

Instagram Stories is an engaging feature that attracts over a half billion users per day. It allows you to share a series of photos or videos that will stay up on Instagram for 24 hours. Since this feature is extremely popular, influencers and brands use them to reach out to new and existing audiences. There are various apps available that will up your Instagram Stories game and make them stand out. Some apps include powerful photo- and video-editing features, while others add effects and animations. Here we have five of the best Instagram stories apps you should check out.

1. InShot

One of my favorite apps that I use to edit videos and Instagram Stories is InShot. The app provides many design features, along with easy-to-use Instagram Stories video effects. InShot is available for both Android and iOS.

Inshot Instagram Stories Apps

The built-in video editor in InShot is very capable. You can trim, cut, split, crop, or merge videos pretty easily without any hassle. There are multiple video backgrounds, effects, and filters to choose from. Moreover, you can fit your videos in any aspect ratio, reverse your videos in just a simple click, rotate or flip the video, and much more.

Users can add featured vlog music to their videos, extract music from videos, or add their own voice to videos. With over 60 transitions, this app can really make your Instagram Stories stand out. Other features include text/sticker support, video speed control, video converter, photo slideshow, etc.

2. Unfold

Probably one of the highest-rated Instagram Stories apps is Unfold. Notably, it features over 300 award-winning Instagram Story templates that you can choose from. These easy-to-use designs can really make your Instagram Stories stand out. Unfold is available on both Android and iOS.

Unfold Instagram Stories Apps

With advanced text tools, new fonts, and stickers, you can design your Instagram Stories and make them stylish with your creativity. Text can be added on both photos and videos.

There are more than 400 design templates, multiple filters, and effects to edit photos and videos. Background tools provide several backgrounds and textures and use the color picker or eyedrop tool to get the perfect hue or tone.

3. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker is a different Instagram Stories app that allows you to create stop motion videos. Yes, you can use this app to create impressive stop motion videos by following some simple steps mentioned within the app. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker is available on both Android and iOS.

Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

There are no ads in this app, and it apparently requires no editing. The app has a ghosted image feature, which the user can use to align the subject from clip to clip to produce neat stop-motion videos. This mode also negates the need for a tripod.

Other features of the app include multiple filters, camera timer, drag-and-drop support, selfie mode, custom sizing, speed adjustment, ability to adkd music to videos, and much more.

4. Motionleap

Motionleap is one of the best Instagram Stories apps that I have stumbled upon. I spent over an hour editing my images, using all the effects, and this is one app that will really up your Instagram Story game. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Motionleap Instagram Stories Apps

The app provides multiple animation effects, along with some brilliant and easy-to-use filters. Your videos will not look overdone or fake. You can change the sky with just a tap and create a brilliant animated photo. As mentioned in the app description, “the creative possibilities are endless.”

Motionleap allows you to breathe life into your photos. You can change the background, choose the speed, add movement, add music, etc.

5. Typorama

With Typorama, you can create awesome and visually appealing typographic designs. You do not need to invest your mind in design skills. This app “automagically” creates brilliant typography designs. Only iOS users can try out this app.

Typorama Instagram App

You can turn your plain photo into a creation that is poster-like and share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. Typorama can also be used to create posters and headers for your website.

It has over 50 different typography designs, more than 100 font styles, and a variety of badges, ribbons, curved text, artistic ornaments, 3D distortion, etc.

Wrapping Up

Though these are just a fraction of the Instagram Stories apps that are available for Android and iOS, it is all you need to make your Instagram Stories stand out. If you only want your friends to access your Instagram Stories, we know how to make it so.

Sagar Naresh
Sagar Naresh

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