6 of the Best Google Play Alternatives for Android

Despite the Google Play Store being preinstalled on most Android devices as a one-stop shop, there are actually many alternatives to what Google offers. You might be totally happy with what Google Play Store offers and are not looking for alternatives, but for those who aren’t, or if you are just curious to see what’s out there, here are six alternative app stores to consider.

If the number of available apps is your main concern when looking for a Google Play Store alternative, Amazon Underground App for Android should be your first stop. The selection of apps here is huge, and this includes both free and paid ones. What is more, there are various deals that offer paid apps for free.


What makes Amazon Underground App for Android really different is the huge selection of books, songs, and movies. Depending on the genre you are interested in, there might be more titles here than on Google Play Store, and frequently they are cheaper, too.


GetJar is a very old site for mobile downloads. It existed way before the Android era. It is not an Android-only shop, having stuff for other platforms too, but I included it on the list because its Android section really rocks, and it’s a better alternative than many other Android-only stores. The selection of titles is huge, though not all of them are very up to date.

F-Droid is special among the Google Play Store alternatives because it is for free and open-source apps only. The apps are free because the site is funded by donations. If you like an app from there, consider making a small donation, as this helps keep the site running.


Compared to other Android app stores, the choice isn’t impressive, and some of the apps are not working under the latest Android versions. F-Droid is especially popular among Android developers because they can easily get code from here and develop it further.


Mobogenie is one more Google Play Store alternative with lots of software to choose from. You can download the app either for Android or for PC (If you prefer to get the apps on your PC first and then transfer them to your Android device rather than download them straight to your phone/tablet). Basically, on Mobogenie you can find the same stuff as on Google Play Store, but the site claims they have an improved system for selection and recommendation that makes it easier to find the app(s) you are looking for.

Blackmart Alpha is for those of you who are privacy-conscious. With Blackmart Alpha there is no need to have a Google account or to register in order to download the apps you need. They offer free apps only. They also claim they offer the latest publicly -available versions of apps.


Another distinctive feature of Blackmart Alpha is that you can download the app to your phone/tablet even if the device isn’t on the list of supported models. This is a huge difference for the owners of all less-popular models and devices that are not officially supported by an app developer but that run the app without any problems.

Getapk is a neatly organized place with lots of software arranged in categories. There is also a “Top 100” section as well as a section that lists new additions. It has lots of software, but be careful what you download because I found some cracked apps there, so don’t assume that if an app doesn’t require payment, it’s legally free.

In the past I’ve managed to find titles (not of the cracked variety!) that were not available elsewhere, so the choices aren’t bad. The popups, though, are really irritating. I know the site needs to support itself, but these popups are really pesky.


It’s hard to say any of these Google Play Store alternatives (or the dozens others, such as Aptoide, Mobango, or APKMirror, I didn’t include) is better than the original itself, but it’s good to have choices. Depending on what kind of apps you are looking for – free, paid, latest editions, etc. – some of the stores on the list might not be an alternative at all or come nowhere close to Google Play Store itself, but in any case they are worth trying at least.

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