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Many people weren’t happy when they received Google’s announcement that Google Photos would no longer offer free unlimited storage, leaving them looking for Google Photos alternatives. Google even claims that most users won’t hit the 15GB limit for three years. Personally, I’d use that in less than a year.

While 15GB is still generous for free, many users are now looking for alternatives. There may not be many unlimited options available, but if you’re simply fed up with Google’s changing terms and are ready to move on, you do have some strong alternatives to consider.

1. Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a great alternative to Google Photos. All users get 5GB of free storage for photos and videos.

5 Best Google Photos Alternatives Amazon

Here’s where it gets better, though.

Amazon Prime members get unlimited high-quality photo storage included in their membership. Video storage is still limited to 5GB.

All users can buy extra storage for photos and videos, with plans starting at $1.99/month for up to 100GB. This makes it the same price as Google One, which is Google’s storage service.

However, if you already have a Prime membership, it’s hard to beat the unlimited photo storage included, along with all the other Prime benefits, for $12.99/month. Plus, it’s easy to transfer your photos from one service to the other.


MEGA is one of the lesser-known Google Photos alternatives, but it’s an impressive platform. It’s not designed specifically for photos. Instead, it’s more of a cloud storage and collaboration platform for individuals and businesses. However, it still works great for storing and access photos online.

5 Best Google Photos Alternatives Mega

You won’t get any photo-specific features, such as editing or creating slideshows, though. Instead, you’re paying mainly for storage. You get 50GB for free, which is more than Google’s 15GB.

Pro plans start at $6.04/month for up to 400GB. There’s even a business plan offering up to 15TB for $10/month per user. Families can actually create folders for each user and share an account to help save money.

3. Mylio

Mylio is one of the more unique Google Photos alternatives, as you’re not charged based on file size. Instead, the service’s free plan allows you to store and edit up to 25,000 photos. Unlike MEGA, Mylio is made specifically for photos and offers a wide range of editing tools as well.

5 Best Google Photos Alternatives Mylio

What makes Mylio an even better alternative is the premium plan. Store unlimited photos, sync from unlimited devices (only three on the free plan), and enjoy RAW image-editing tools, too. It costs $9.99/month or $99/year. It’s a great plan for heavy photo-takers or if you want to split the costs and share with family or friends.

4. iCloud and Apple One

I’m combining iCloud and Apple One since they’re both Apple products and offer photo storage. However, they each work a little differently.

5 Best Google Photos Alternatives Icloud

iCloud has long been a popular Google Photos alternative for Apple users. While you only get 5GB for free, you can upgrade to the 50GB plan for just $0.99/month, 200GB for $2.99/month, or 2TB for $9.99/month. The latter two plans can be shared among family members.

If you’d like to combine multiple Apple products and save money, Apple One is even better. The Apple One bundle includes Music, TV+, Arcade, and iCloud (50GB), starting at $14.95/month. The family plan includes 200GB and can be shared between five people for $19.95/month. The $29.95/month plan boosts storage of 2TB and adds News+ and Fitness+.

5. OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. It’s comparable to many other Google Photos alternatives. It offers just 5GB for free, but the 100GB plan is just $1.99/month.

5 Best Google Photos Alternatives Onedrive

If you already use Office 365 or want to, you’ll save the most by bundling. For $69.99/year, you get 1TB of storage along with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Or, if you really need a lot of space, the family plan is $99.99/year for the same apps and 6TB of storage.

Other Considerations

As with Google Photos, any of these services could change their terms at any time. Pricing, limits, and more could change. As an alternative, you can use a network-attached storage device (here’s the steps to turning your Raspberry Pi into an NAS) to store and access photos remotely. The drive is stored at your home, and you connect to it via an app. This provides local storage and gives you full control over your photo storage.

Image credit: MEGA Press, Old photos by DepositPhotos

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