5 of the Best Google Lens Alternatives For Android

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Thanks to Google Lens, you can do much more with your phone’s camera than simply take photos or videos. You can do reverse image searching, QR code scanning, and find locations. It is based on Google’s advanced image recognition technology, which lets you analyze visual objects in real life. As good as Google Lens is, there are several other apps that offer a lot more than Google Lens. Here are some of the best Google Lens alternatives for Android.

If you love plants and want to know everything about a plant type whenever you come across a new one, then PictureThis is the app for you. With PictureThis, you can analyze and identify plants just by pointing your phone’s camera to it or selecting an image from the Gallery.

1. PictureThis

Picturethis Google Lens Alternative

Notably, you can use this app to identify all kinds of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, cacti, etc. Moreover, this app can really help if you have your own personal garden and need tips on plant caring. The PictureThis app is capable of recognizing over 10,000 plant species with an accuracy of 98 percent.

You can also explore a network of friendly horticulture specialists for in-depty learning about plant care. The app has an easy-to-use interface, guides to help you take the correct photo, and can locate plants nearby if you have the location turned on. It also has a mini-game that gives you free plant identification perks in the Feeling Lucky section of the app.

2. Search by Image on Web

Reverse image searching has become quite popular. With the Search by Image on Web application, you can either pick an image from your device’s gallery or take a photo with your camera and do reverse image searching.

Search By Image On Web Google Lens

This helps you identify images you wish to search if it has a large resolution available or if you want to know more about the product. You can also use the Crop Feature on the Search by Image on Web app to edit the photo if you wish to search for a particular product within an image. Do note that there are multiple ads that may hamper your reverse image searching experience.

You can make use of this app to search for objects, images, or people on the Web. The app can help you learn whether a social media profile image is real or fake, find similar images, learn more about a clothing product and find out where to buy it, etc. Additionally, there is a built-in QR scanner app that lets you scan QR Codes.

3. Reverse Image Search & Finder

Reverse Image Search & Finder is one of the popular and reliable reverse image search apps that lets you search images from any source. You can use your camera to take an image or use any image from the gallery to begin the reverse image search.

Reverse Search By Image App

You can also perform reverse image search using the image URL or link. The Reverse Image Search & Finder application has a built-in photo editor that lets you crop, rotate, etc. to extract the exact image.

The app has a very clean and modern user interface. There isn’t any clutter of buttons, making it straightforward and one of the easy-to-use Google Lens alternatives.

4. Image Analysis Toolset (IAT)

One of the highly rated apps on the Play Store that helps you with reverse image search, object identification, and much more is the Image Analysis Toolset (IAT). The app supports a wide variety of categories from inanimate objects to plants and animals.

Image Analysis Tool Google Lens Alternative

If you want to know more about any object or image, the IAT app can help you. It will show you information related to the image and the objects in the image, such as related labels, links to applicable web pages, and matching and visually similar images (if available). There is a built-in Censorship Risk Meter, which gives you details of an image if it can lead to ban or censorship.

There is an Optical Text Recognition feature as well. It can help you extract the text from any document so that you can easily edit and put whatever you want on the scanned document. Some other features include a logo identifier, landmark identifier, barcode scanner, colorimeter, and face insight to know facial attributes/emotions/resemblance level.

5. PictPicks

Last but not the least, the PictPicks app lets you search for similar images to your uploaded images. The app also has a built-in filter that lets you perform a more granular search and block explicit content.

Pictpicks Google Lens Alternatives

The Search By Image feature of PictPicks allows you to start an image search right from the image captured via your phone camera or an image from your phone’s gallery. The app displays all information it can gather about the searched image, such as image sources, and also has options to share, save, and use images in other apps.

The app features a very modern and up-to-date user interface. PictPicks has a very minimal learning curve, and you can perform reverse image search right from the start. Notably, the app shows you ads from time to time but does not interrupt your tasks. Overall, PictPicks is one of the best Google Lens alternatives.

Wrapping Up

These are some worthy Google Lens alternatives you can use if you do not wish to use Google Lens. If you still prefer to use Google Lens, learn how you can get it on any Android or iPhone.

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