4 of the Best Google Analytics Apps for Android

For any site owner looking to grow, monitoring Google Analytics and other site data is a key part of daily life. If you fall into that category, this article is for you since we’ll be covering the best Google Analytics apps for Android.

On this list we’ll be choosing Google Analytics apps for Android that are highly-rated and still receive developer support whenever necessary. The first three are simple apps, the fourth is a widget, but they’re all pretty useful, depending on your needs and what you’re looking for.

1. Google Analytics


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Google themselves offers one of the best Google Analytics apps for Android. This one is the most used, most frequently updated, and is pretty much guaranteed to work with every facet of Google Analytics since it comes from the same people.

What Sets This App Apart?


  • The best developer support, straight from Google. You’ll never have to worry about this app not working for you.
  • In-app Google Assistant to help you gauge important information from your statistics. This is useful if you’re new to dealing with Analytics.

2. Databox


Databox is another viable contender, and it doesn’t focus on only Google Analytics, either. Databox is a platform built to monitor all of your business KPIs in a single place and integrates with a massive amount of apps: Google and Adobe Analytics, Google AdSense and AdWords, HubSpot, PayPal, Stripe, Facebook, Zendesk, etc.

For a really powerful, versatile solution for looking at your various analytics apps on the go, give Databox a try. Databox is highly recommended for a good experience.

What Sets This App Apart?


  • Great dev support, multiple app integrations.
  • Slick app interface.
  • Allows you to choose what data sets you’d like to prioritize during setup and offers tailored “Alerts” about changes to your data without you needing to dive through it yourself.

3. gAnalytics


gAnalytics is one of the oldest Google Analytics apps for Android and has maintained its support by being a premium experience. While you’ll need to pay at least $2 to use the app to its fullest, gAnalytics is a pretty stable, reliable option, especially if you like its interface.

That being said, while this is a solid option, you’re likely better off with the others on this list.

What Sets This App Apart?


  • Nothing, actually.
  • While the app is well-supported, it doesn’t seem to offer any special features not offered by the other apps on this list. The interface is also extremely similar to Google’s offering.
  • That being said, this is still a solid choice if you don’t feel like using Google’s own app for whatever reason or signing up for Databox.

4. Simple Analytics Widget


The Simple Analytics Widget is perhaps one of the oldest apps (widget) on this list. A glance at its Play Store page will likely tell you as much, but fortunately the widget is still working (at the time of writing: December 2016), and it puts your analytics data where it’s impossible to miss – right on your home screen! If you don’t feel like opening and navigating through one of the above apps every time you want to check your Google Analytics, Simple Analytics Widget is a great solution for getting vital info at a glance.

Why Is the List So Small?


Unfortunately, very few Google Analytics apps for Android are reputable or still enjoy developer support. The premium options I found while writing this article haven’t been updated since 2012, and while a few interesting new ones have popped up since then, such as Deep, it’s a very little-used app that I’m not confident giving my Google account information to due to typos in the interface, intrusive advertisements and a grand total of one rating, ever, on the Google Play Store.

An old popular option called mAnalytics was also in the running, but that one hasn’t been updated since September 2013 and, at the time of writing, no longer works properly.

So they aren’t just the best options: they’re pretty much the only ones. Fortunately, they’re all pretty solid offerings!

More Info On Google Analytics

Here at Make Tech Easier we’ve covered Google Analytics pretty extensively in the past. If you’re a WordPress site owner, we wrote a tutorial on adding Analytics to your Dashboard, and we even made a list of Google Analytics alternatives, if you’re into that.

That aside, what did you think of the list? Anything I missed? Any experience you’ve had with these apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper

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