5 of the Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 in 2019

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Finding a full-featured gaming laptop under $500 can be a little difficult because of the specifications required of heavy-duty games. At the minimum, you need a good processor for multi-tasking and a decent RAM size for smoothly switching between various point levels.

Having a maximum possible screen resolution allows you to fill up your screen with sufficient pixels. And of course, a high quality graphics processor is compulsory because it affects the quality of gaming.


However, as our following recommendations make clear, you really don’t have to spend a fortune in 2019 to acquire a best-in-class gaming laptop. Provided you had a decent base PC to begin with, the extra performance will come in time with normal hardware upgrades.

1. Dell Inspiron i5575-A217SLV-PUS

Cost: $440

This budget laptop is so cheap that you might wonder what’s wrong with it. The Dell Inspiron i5575-A217SLV-PUS notebook packs a punch with formidable features which leave the competition in the dust. It contains 8 GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 32 GB), a 15.6 full-HD screen (1920 x 1080) and 1 terabyte of HDD storage.

Dell Inspiron I5575 Rep

The best part is the laptop comes with a AMD Ryzen 5 processor, which as of July 2019, is among the top five CPUs but still costs less than rival Intel chips. Utilize the excellent rendering provided by Radeon Vega 8 graphics, and you have the makings of the best gaming laptop under $500.

While all this in itself is a brilliant configuration, there is a minor tweak that will give you more: upgrade this laptop to a solid state drive. According to Dell, you can replace the hard drive with a 2.5″ SATA SSD.

If you are a laptop specifications junkie, grab this before it disappears!

2. HP 15 Commercial Notebook PC with Touchscreen

Cost: $477

Not a fan of AMD? Then you surely wouldn’t mind an HP 15 notebook comprising Intel Core i5, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 2 terabytes HDD, a touchscreen and built-in Windows 10 Home. While technically a commercial laptop, this model has the right set of configurations to qualify it as a top-notch gaming PC. It does not generally overheat, which is what you need in a graphics-intensive game.

Hp 15 Commercial Notebook Pc

The only drawback at this price: the screen resolution which stands at a meager 1366 x 768.

3. Acer Aspire A515

Cost: $499

Acer Aspire A515

Acer Aspire laptops are generally a perfect blending of robust electronics and user consistency. They are also generally budget-friendly. This particular model, A515, can be acquired for just less than $500 and has many redeeming features despite just an Intel Core i3. With 8 GB DDR4, a full HD display, 128 GB SSD and Intel HD Graphics 620, this hardware is perfectly suited for most games. To get a stellar performance, you should later invest in a 256 GB SSD and GeForce MX150 graphics upgrades.

4. ASUS Vivobook F705QA 

Cost: $499

Asus Vivobook F705qa

If you seek a lightweight laptop with a large 17.3″ screen, vivid colors and amazing performance, Asus Vivobook F505QA has just the right compatibility. It comes with a powerful 3.6 GHz AMD quad core A12-9720P processor, a back-lit keyboard, support for USB 3.1, and a full HD display (1920 x 1080). There is a 1 TB Firecuda Hybrid drive by Seagate, combining the speed of SSD with the storage space of HDD. The splendid colors and resolution displays are suitable for the demands of the most graphics-intensive games.

5. Panasonic Toughbook CF-52/53

Cost: $499

Do you travel a lot? Then you probably need a laptop device that’s tough, durable and has decent graphics and performance. Panasonic Toughbook CF-52/53 models are not for everyone, but they have some of the best features you can depend on. These include 8 GB DDR3L RAM, Intel Core i5, Kensington Cable Lock Slot, HDD User Password Protection and Windows 10 Pro support.

Panasonic Cf 53

The only downside? Some would feel that this PC looks ugly, as now we’re all used to matte finishes, silver bodies and thin lightweight models. Sure, at 19 lbs (8.6 kg), the CF-53 feels like a tank but it is fast, responsive and easily upgradeable to SSD or whatever else you need. And if you want just one gaming PC for your home, this model is perfect.


Most computers can be upgraded and improved throughout their lifetimes. This means you don’t have to overspend to have a high-quality gaming experience with your laptop. Just because an Intel Core i9 is out of your budget does not mean you have to settle for an inferior gaming experience. You can always get the extra cores from a cheaper AMD Ryzen and bump up your PC speed with solid state drives, 8 GB RAM and a knowledge of overclocking.

Which budget laptops are your favorites? Please let us know in the comments.

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