5 Of the Best Game Booster Software for Windows 10

In this era of improvised PC gaming, nothing can be more annoying than having some cool PC games yet being unable to play them due to lackluster PC performance. For a smoother PC performance and a fully-immersive experience, you might want to download a game booster software. A game booster software is a program designed to enhance your PC’s gaming performance with a single click. Generally, it works by defragging games, boosting RAM, and stopping some background running processes and apps.

Gaming consoles like Xbox One come equipped with an operating system that is specifically designed for gaming purposes. Since Windows 10 is a general purpose operating system, it’s not specifically optimized for playing games. Therefore, the experience you get may not be as good as what you get from a gaming console. In this roundup we will introduce you to the best game booster software so you can have an amazing PC gaming experience. Here are the five best game booster software for Windows 10.

Game booster software

Razor Cortex is arguably the best and most popular game booster software on the market today. This program optimizes your PC for gaming by shutting down any applications you won’t need while gaming. By killing background apps, it allows your PC to focus its RAM, GPU, and other resources on the game you are playing. This translates to quicker load time and higher FPS.

Razor Cortex also gives you the option to boost automatically or tailor your settings to your preferences. With the auto-boost feature, the program activates the boost the moment you launch a game whether on PC or from an online source. What’s more, Razor Cortex is completely free to download and comes with additional features such as FPS Monitor Graphs and special game deals.


Game Fire 6 uses specialized technology to determine which apps and background processes must be disabled to optimize your PC for gaming. By scanning your system it displays a long list of all the tasks to be disabled, including Windows Defender, network access and sharing among other processes. This way it focuses all your PC’s resources on the game you are playing, just like Razor Cortex.

Game Fire not only confines itself to system processes, it also keeps an eye on Memory Diagnostics, performs game defragmentation and at the same time gives you quick access to resourceful Windows tools. However, Game Fire 6 Pro is not free, though there is a free trial version.


WTFast is one of the best game booster software and one of its kind. It follows a very different path when it comes to boosting your PC for gaming. Unlike other programs that mostly focus on killing system processes, WTFast focuses on boosting the Internet speed for online games. Its dynamics are simple and straightforward; faster Internet speeds means lower ping and less tag, which translates to faster response time.

To achieve this, WTFast utilizes private global networks that have no speed limits. These global networks act as highways between the game’s server and your computer. You can expect lower ping, reduced latency, and fewer loss packets if you opt to use this service. However, at a subscription cost of $9.99 per month, WTFast will pinch your pocket hard.


Wise Game Booster is a software program designed to improve your gaming experience. It optimizes your PC for gaming by stopping irrelevant services, ending unnecessary programs and adjusting your system settings to solely focus on gaming. By adjusting your system’s settings, it puts your PC in gaming mode – characterized by an improved system running speed and stability.

Wise Game Booster also allows you to manage your games by adding them into “My games” so you don’t have to spend time looking for them in the cluttered desktop icons. Here, you can easily access the games and check game information. It comes with a free trial version so you can try it out first before making a buying decision.


Just as the name suggests, SpeedItUp Extreme is a game booster software that claims to improve your PC’s performance and speed by up to 300%.  It achieves this by disabling unnecessary applications and processes when playing games. This program does not limit itself to gaming only. It comes with a built-in Windows Optimizer that works to improve the speed of your OS and a RAM booster that not only increases available memory but also prevents memory leaks. SpeedItUp Extreme is completely free to download.

If you want to give your PC gaming a VIP treatment, then you might want to download a game booster software. However, if you have a powerful desktop or a laptop, particularly those that ship VR ready or specifically designed for gaming, like the Acer Predator Series, then you won’t need additional game boosting software.

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